Humpback Whales - Ambassadors to Humanity

We are old, not the oldest. But we can count our years in the intricacy of our songs like you can count the growth rings of a tree. Our language is musical because we prefer everything in our world to be flow-y and beautiful. Our songs are rich and layered, detailing a whale's life, tribe history, earth history and universal connection. The songs all echo the same theme though, the oneness of all beings. You can consider us archivers of information, or record keepers, as we are known.


Also like the tree kingdom, we often choose to live in proximity to humans. Our stature helps us hold down the fort, so to speak, balancing the oxygen and energy levels of Earth. We take into account planetary alignments, human events and the phases of the planet. It is like the weaving of a beautiful quilt each day from sunrise to sunset. Earth would be a very different place without us, and some humans came dangerously close to making that a reality with the introduction of mechanized whaling. But we persevered in love and hold no grudges. Let us reiterate, we are not angry at humanity for their actions. 

We take our role on earth very seriously, but we do it joyfully. It is our essence so the work flows from us easily. There is nothing else we'd rather be doing as our work is playful, buoyant, and unique, completely in line with our nature. We call ourselves 'humanity's ambassador' because we spend so much time around humans; our evolution had this desire in mind so that our routines and rituals take place near epicenters of two-legged activity.

People love our long, elegant flippers and the way our baleen sifts our life source, krill, from the ocean water. Humans are inspired merely by our presence. They may not be able to articulate how or why the encounter influenced them, but we understand it is because we radiate unconditional love and a connection to the universe that is still an uncommon understanding within the human soul's journey. But the tides are turning and more people are grasping the concept. The future for our unique earth is bright and there is no need to worry. Cast all those worries into the ocean and you shall be relieved. We are here to assist you. 


A Humpback Whale is likely the picture one conjures in their mind's eye when recalling a whale. They enjoy interacting with coastal energies where two worlds collide. Humpbacks breach often, for function and for fun. Everything serves a purpose and they like to shake things up. Earth is currently in desperate need of a shake up, and since humans are dragging their feet despite being perfectly capable, fire, water, earth, air, flora and fauna are having to work overtime; not only to sustain themselves, but to compensate for what is out of balance. And balance will be restored, although it shall be a lot less catastrophic if each human contributes to the cause. They assure humanity it's not doom and gloom, it merely appears that way because people are still operating from an acidic fear which will continue to eat away at confidence until action in the direction of peace and equality is taken.

Whales are trustworthy, and they have proven this to humanity. They make special efforts to bring their message to large populations, what an efficient use of time and energy! Remember Humphrey the Humpback? He entered the San Francisco Bay in 1985 and 1990, rallying a region, inspiring a 'rescue,' and alerting international press. Now that's a clever, and very famous whale influencing many hearts through a simple detour of routine.