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Kristen Houser, Fauna Speak

Human Intuitive Communicating with the Animals in Form and Spirit

Photo by: Chris Fryer



I began remembering my ability to communicate with the animals alongside human and animal mentors in 2015. My teachers ranged from veteran communicators to resident orca of the Salish Seas, Tibetan yaks and wild turkeys in the holler I called home in Eastern Kentucky. My curiosity and heart for this work has never waned as the animals have infinite wisdom to offer us.

The animals (fauna) prompted me to explore further applications of telepathy, the nature of energy, and other abilities that were dormant. I witnessed that regenerative change starts from within. And that all of the solutions we seek on Earth, from conservation to human connection, are available to us when seeking them from a place of love and receptivity. 

It is an honor to follow my soul’s calling and assist in bridging the perceived 'divide' between human society and the natural world through dialogue, regenerative change and a healthier relationship to life cycles. 

The inseparability of human and animal sovereignty is the cornerstone of my work. Like the animals, I perceive the energy grids of Earth and our physical bodies, using that information to facilitate both dialogue and action that may ultimately assist in balancing ourselves, our Earth and our ecosystems. 

Watercolor: Kelly Zellers 



I communicate with animals telempathically, meaning I can feel what they feel. I also receive messages that they convey in images and thought-forms while connecting with them on a soul level. I then translate all this for the human companion and the conversation continues as a two-way dialogue. I work with the details of life to paint a more expansive view, illuminating new solutions and facilitating deeper bonds. I do not need to be physically present with an animal to communicate with them as I am reading their energy.

Animal communication is an amazing resource with endless applications, for example: transitions, soul bonds, behavior and loss. Animal communication strengthens your connection to the animals in your life, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of your companion animal’s higher self as you connect with them on a soul level.

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I have witnessed that the essence of working with someone at the soul level involves acknowledgement, intention and receptivity. What I help human and animal clients alike understand is 1. the emotional root of their pain or confusion, 2. how that distortion manifests physically in the body or mind and 3. what action steps are necessary to begin the journey of finding balance, beginning first with allowing our thoughts to hand the keys over to our knowingness. Integration of plant, animal and stone medicines paired with intention and connection to Gaia are essential. All the information we need our soul already knows, and all the medicines are within reach. 

See the 'BOOK A SESSION' page to get a more comprehensive view of the services offered.