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Unearth or gain confidence in your intuitive abilities with 1:1 mentorship over the phone, Skype or FaceTime. In these sessions, I assist you in understanding and refining your innate abilities, eliminating roadblocks to your confidence, navigating worlds unseen and discerning how you can best be of service in this lifetime with your unique energy signature. From animal medicine to galactic origins, I have an interdisciplinary approach to mentorship. There is no cookie cutter curriculum; each session is based on your individual needs. We can discuss how many mentorship sessions that would suit you at the end of your consultation call.

Client Review

“Kristen inspires her clients to step into ALL that they are. She teaches them how to clear away any fear and doubt and replace it with inspiration, motivation and a sense of ease and confidence. Working with Kristen has profoundly changed my life and, if you gift yourself by working with her, she WILL change yours.”

-Susan Kerr, New Jersey

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