Whale & Dolphin Healing Session

Whale & Dolphin Healing Session


These sessions are intuitively led by the whales, dolphins and cleansing ocean energy. I facilitate the process and share their messages with you. The whales and dolphins assist you in what you are ready to shift within yourself, from DNA activations and cellular regeneration to clearing old trauma from current and past lives. If you are open, these sessions have the potential be transformative, eliminating roadblocks to sustained healing. The Whales are Dolphins are always here to support you and you will also learn techniques to reach out to them on a daily basis. 

Client Review

“ I felt the magic of the dolphin healing for a solid day after, and have been able to tap into their healing magic on my own. I've even gone back to the messages from the channeling several times, and continually find deep connection with them.”

-Zarnaz Fouladi, Orange Beach, CA

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