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Mustang News 

May 9, 2018 

Check out this piece by journalist Rachel Showalter of Cal Poly's Mustang News.

144th Kentucky Oaks

Girl Horse Power - May 4, 2018 


As a Louisvillian, I spent a long time rebelling against the Derby, it’s decadence and the commodification of horses. But in life I’ve decided to enjoy the positive aspects of things as opposed to being angry at the whole. And as an animal communicator I’ve learned to ask the individual being how they feel about their situation. I worked in a particular aspect of the Kentucky horse industry briefly (not Thoroghbreds) and I was mortified by how antiquated it was; I made it 3 grueling weeks. But the horses were the ones who kept my soul buoyant. Their sweetness in anticipation of fresh water and excitement for hay, their decision to be stubborn just because and how they took any opportunity to play tricks and lovingly nibble on my overalls. They taught me their techniques that allow them to transcend their physical bodies, like the whirling dervishes spin to get closer to god they have little methods in their stalls to feel free again, centered. Horse was some of the first animal medicine given to man, our relationship goes way back and they have a pulse on the situation; they are here to assist humanity, teach them they can be as fast as the wind and eventually fly like Pegasus. They don’t want us to feel guilty but celebrate our progress, and in acknowledging their assistance we are able to see a more expansive picture. Get on a horse’s back and see more, faster! I decided to return to my homeland for the 144th Kentucky Derby, my favorite cosmic number in all of its glorious significance. My friend gifted me box seats right at the finish line of the track and I made one bet the entire day-Monomoy Girl (14!) to Win the 144th Kentucky Oaks. And boy did she ever; it was sheer Southern magic - the most girl horse power event I could imagine as the Fillies ran, Churchill Downs was decorated in all pink and there was a march of 144 breast cancer survivors. Monomoy Girl passed just a few feet in front of me after the race, naked as she came, and I could feel the pride beaming from her; it brought tears to my eyes. I’m proud to come from a place where horses go down in history, and KY is getting better every year at celebrating the connection between horse and human.