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Kristen Houser, Fauna Speak

Intuitive Assisting Humans/Animals

in Communication, Regenerative

Healing and Closure  

Photo by: Chris Fryer



Remembering our ability to communicate with animals was my introduction into the metaphysical world. When I began studying the art of telepathy alongside human and animal mentors, my teachers ranged from veteran communicators to resident Orca of the Salish Seas to Yaks and wild Turkeys in the holler I called home in Eastern Kentucky.

The animals prompted me to explore further applications of telepathy, the nature of energy and other healing modalities. I believe all of the solutions we seek are available to us on Earth and that regenerative change starts from within. I consider it an honor to follow my life's calling and assist in bridging the 'divide' between human society and the natural world through conversation, regenerative healing and a healthier relationship to life cycles. I am deeply connected with the Whales and Dolphins.

Human sovereignty is the crux of my work, illuminating the density of duality and the lessons available to us in the seeming ‘paradox.’ I perceive the energy grids of Earth and the human body, working with clients to open channels that have remained dormant, allowing the soul to move more freely within their vessel. I also work similarly with neuropathways of the mind to liberate one from outdated and restrictive thoughts that no longer nurture growth. These methods bring humans into greater alignment with their purpose and bliss.

Watercolor: Kelly Zellers 



I communicate with animals telempathically, meaning I can feel what they feel. I also receive messages that they convey in images and thought-forms. I then translate all this for the human companion and the conversation continues as a two-way dialogue. I work with the details of life to paint a more expansive view, illuminating new solutions and deeper bonds.

Animal Communication is an amazing resource with endless applications. I specialize in transitions, behavior and loss (in particular preparing for and/or healing from the passing of a companion animal). Animal Sessions strengthen your connection to the animals in your life. They foster a better understanding of your true nature by connecting with their higher self & your own. See the 'BOOK A SESSION' page to get a more comprehensive view of the services offered. 


The essence of true healing is acknowledgement, intention and receptivity. What I help human and animal clients alike understand is 1. the emotional root of their pain or confusion, 2. how that distortion manifests physically in the body or mind and 3. what action steps are necessary to begin the journey of self healing, beginning first with allowing our thoughts to hand the keys over to our knowingness. Integration of plant, animal and stone medicines paired with self care/love and connection to Gaia are essential. All the information we need our Soul already knows, and all the medicines are within reach.