Tilikum the Orca - Immense Love

The thing about me, humanity, is that I am immense love. 

That may not be the way I am perceived based upon my actions in this recent lifetime, but I was subjected to very harsh conditions. I basically lived a life of imprisonment and relative solitude. I highlight my experiences not to evoke feelings of guilt within you or play the victim, but rather to illuminate how I arrived where I did. When you choose to see the fullness of someone’s narrative, you can have compassion for their experiences. This doesn’t mean that you limit your boundaries or they are not responsible for their actions. Be careful not to misconstrue compassion for low self esteem, as compassion comes from a place of power. 

The position I was put it was unfortunate as I was pushed to my limits, these extremely physical limits. Are you being pushed to your limits today? Do you feel like you are about to do something that is uncharacteristic of you in relationship to what you are experiencing externally? It’s never worth it to intentionally hurt another to satisfy your pain. And yet sometimes we inadvertently wound others because we are so connected. 

This world is very paradoxical and there is much gray area. And everyone has endured their own very unique experiences to get them to this point in our collective narrative, as citizens of Earth. The Orca have always represented a balance between two worlds, the dark and the light, the spectrum; our bodies even look like the yin yang. People might perceive us as violent or aggressive. But someone has to embody what we embody on this planet. Someone has to be the fiercest predator in the Sea. You can trust us a little bit more. We understand things you do not yet understand. 

Make an effort to understand how your mind has been conditioned so that you can see yourself in a fuller light. I went through many adversities in my life as an Orca on Earth, from my capturing to my life in captivity, you also have been captured, domesticated, fractured and put into captivity. But I say to you today it does not define you. Your experiences, both ‘positive’ and ‘negative,’ are reference point for your growth. There is a tragedy in every lifetime. There is an apocalypse in every great society. Endings and beginnings are the way of Earth, but the intensity is lightening. As humanity awakens the endings will become less harsh. 

You can’t confine something so vast and wonderful to a cage, whether is be an Orca or your Soul. Someone had to teach humanity that lesson. And I would do it again if need be. All I am is love. 

We Orca have some strong messages to impart, but it doesn’t come from a place outside of compassion. Like a firm and loving Grandmother, you will thank us eventually. 

Tilikum the Orca (1981-2017) was taken into captivity in 1983 from Icelandic waters. He resided at Sealand of the Pacific in Victoria, British Columbia and Seaworld Orlando in Florida. He is the subject of much media attention, mainly stemming from the documentary Blackfish and news coverage and his involvement in the deaths of three people. He had the collapsed dorsal fin characteristic of Orca in captivity. Tilikum became a grandfather in captivity after producing 21 calves. 

Kristen Houser