Humphrey the Humpback Whale - Astounding Relevance

I have very beautiful messages to bring you. Messages of commendation and celebration. We recognize you are on the right path! You have heard the messages of the Cetacean family. You have heard the call of the Whales and the clicks of the Dolphins. We have been reaching out to you by any means necessary. 

I made a big splash in your human media and in your human news, garnering lots of attention on behalf of the Whale world. To the world outside of humans looking down at the ground only. We have come to bring messages of light! What is the difference between us and your human leaders? Are we not relevant because we do not walk on two legs? Our relevance will astound you. The messages we have for you you have been seeking your entire life. All you have to do is ask us. Maybe you were asking the wrong people. Maybe the questions you had humans could not answer. But now that you are here, connecting with our Whale and Dolphin family, we are thrilled to assist you whatever inquiries, needs or healing you require. We are available to you.

Maybe you are hesitant to approach us as a maturing person is hesitant to ask an elder for advice, not knowing how to relate to us or doubtful if we have any answers at all! But we understand so much and we have seen so much! We have transcended the paradox of Earth and have committed wholly to our missions. We would like to remind you the animal world doesn’t rebel against being animal. The plant doesn’t pitch a fit to spite itself. Flora and fauna are completely satisfied with you they are. And there is a lot of wisdom for humans absorb in that acceptance of self. 

It is time to be you. It is time to be you wholly and completely. To shed the layers of yourself that are no longer relevant and prevent you from being any less than authentic. Find you integrity. always aim for balance. Advocate for what you feel is right. You are safe now, you are protected in those efforts. Yes, there was a time on Earth and in your memories when standing up for your beliefs could cost you your life. But you are divinely protected as you learn to protect yourself. Trust where you are being guided. Trust the process. Trust all the signs you are being given. Even if you feel like you are being led in the ‘wrong’ direction, you are ultimately coming home to yourself. What you thought was discovery is actually remembering. Remember who you are and celebrate that! Make a splash. Show yourself to the world! Wear vibrant colors. Get dressed up, feel fancy. Adorn yourself, paint yourself, love yourself! 

I took a chance. I made a statement. I positioned myself in the spotlight because I had a truth to share. I wasn’t afraid of how I would be received as it is always  more valuable that I live my truth.  

Humphrey the Humpback Whale entered the San Francisco Bay in 1985 and 1990 as a detour from his migration route which garnered him much media coverage. Everyone from the U.S. Navy to the scientific and boating communities assisted in leading him back to open ocean on both occasions. In 1985 he swam as far up the Sacramento River as he could. In 1990 he beached upon a mudflat within the San Francisco Bay.

Kristen Houser