Australian Snubfin Dolphins - We Are On Standby

We are cute and we know it. It is like how children know they are cute, or how beautiful women know they are beautiful, but in a really authentic way we use our appearance to diffuse energy. People see us and they smile. They don’t just smile, they grin. There is just this joy that organically exudes from interacting with us, from visualizing us. 

If you are going through a hard time or life feels heavy, can we be of assistance? Think of us in your mind’s eye and we are there. It is that simple. Interspecies communication is not impossible or complicated or far fetched, you just have to believe. Whether or not you believe in interspecies communication doesn’t delegitimize it, but we do hope you join us. It has the potential to make your life more full. We can hear you and feel you even if you cannot hear us. It is okay if the communication is one way for the time being, we are patient teachers. Just know that we understand you. 

We enjoy fishing, we enjoy our dolphin communities, we enjoy where we live in the world. The people there are very kind to us and there is much momentum for positive change in our region of the world. We are very proud of the citizens of Australia that we cohabit with. We are all citizens of the Earth but we don’t mind using your human terms. We think its fun to dive in and out of the human world, getting to know your systems and your organization, how things got the way they did in your societies. And how we can work within your structures to foster more interspecies collaboration. 

There is the way the world is, the way humans perceive the world, and there are natural laws and universal laws governing all of us in addition to your governments. The way humans perceive the world is actually quite influential on us. It takes a lot of energy from the plants, animals and elementals to sustain the cycles and rhythms that humans seem to take for granted. We believe the disconnect to not always be consciously intentional because when a being connects with Gaia, they are not casual about disregarding her cycles and rhythms. 

We have much to convey and we have very fun ways of doing just that. We would love to impart everything you are ready to hear. You can ask us at anytime. They animal world is just on standby honestly, waiting for humans to remember that we are peers, to remember impermanence. To stop the destruction and go back to loving and living in community while symbiotically exchanging resources and energy. We understand that this is a process that is already unfolding and will take time. We are not angry about anything, we are not suggesting you feel guilt and shame, ever, but we are imploring you to live differently, think differently and laugh. Please laugh, please celebrate, please see the joy in every moment, the bliss of each new morning. Feel what you need to feel, and greet melancholy when it knocks upon your door. But this life is ultimately about joy, and if anyone is going to remind you of that it is going to be us with these faces.  

The Australian Snubfin Dolphin is related to the Irrawaddy Dolphin and can be found living in the waters of Northern Australia. The Snubfin was only of the most recently discovered Dolphins and not until the mid 20th century. There is very little known about this species but they are thought to live about 30 years. They can be found coexisting with the Australian Humpback Dolphins.

Kristen Houser