The Lonely Whale / 52 Hertz Whale - Heartbeat of Mother Earth

Hello from the Lonely Whale, as I have been deemed. I have come to this planet to be a reminder. I live the way I live to inspire a feeling. There are the laws of nature yet there are always exceptions: the male seahorse, the flightless bird, and now there is the Lonely Whale. I teach people the necessity of being alone sometimes. It doesn’t have to be forever, but for some moments it’s imperative. To be able to hear yourself, to reconvene, to muster up your energy once again. 

There is so much to be said for community and sharing, but the other side of the coin, what I illuminate is that to be fully yourself you must go inward. You must isolate yourself from the chatter and noise so that you may hear your own resonance. 

Do you know the sound of your own heartbeat? Are you familiar with the cadence of your breath? You have to be able to hear your own heartbeat to connect into the heartbeat of Mother Earth. And you have to connect into the heartbeat of Mother Earth to feel whole and aligned. There are many distractions along the journey, pulling you this way and that. You are a piece of marble. Your life is a becoming. You chip away every day to discover the figure beneath. To uncover what truly brings you joy, and that joy unlocks your destiny. 

There is a blueprint to your life. Many humans search in vain. Many don’t even know there is a blueprint. Many die distracted. I am humbled at the opportunity to offer this world a pure way of being. I sing my song differently, I live my life differently. But I choose it everyday. I am not lost. I do not wander. I don’t even seek. I just am. I find joy in all things. I have earned the peace from within. A peace that transcends all the noise. 

If you feel bad for me being the Lonely Whale, ask yourself how you feel isolated. Humans often feel like an outsider to their own families, their own friends, an outsider to their own lives! Walk straight into those feelings. Walk through that door of confusion. Penetrate the barrier of fear that you have built around connecting to who you were as a child. Stillness and aloneness are imperative to your self discovery. Embrace this facet of life so that you may come into union and community with others more fully.

The Cold War pushed the frontier of underwater recording technology and in 1989 the 52 Hertz Whale was discovered. The 52 Hertz Whale is called the Lonely Whale because it vocalizes in a much higher frequency than its regional Whale peers. Since the discovery of the Lonely Whale, there has been much media attention, research, even attempts to connect.  

Kristen Houser