Striped Dolphins - Our Superpods and Your Trajectories

We are prolific, we are many. We have come to show you the power of community. The power of coming together for a common goal. The beauty of uniting around something outside of yourself. Stepping outside of your individualism to embrace the wholeness within you and without. Life is a very multi-faceted journey and there are many facets within each stage of maturity and rite of passage along your Earth walk. All of the factors and variables can feel overwhelming, but these are only meant to show you your true self, to refine your desires and align you with your soul’s mission. They are not meant to overwhelm as you.

Why is the idea of a mission in life so important? Why must you find this path, this trajectory? Let’s break that down a little bit more. It is the way of life on Earth. Each bird has a song, each cat has a vibration and frequency at which they purr, each flower has a time to blossom within the season, to be pollinated and share its beauty. Humans have a tendency to become distracted by all of these different external pressures. But your main objective should be figuring out how you want to offer yourself to the world. Yes, sometimes you must cocoon, regenerate and feel. But these are ultimately aligning you with you who are and the joyful work that flows from that. You have to discover your role because it creates more of a dissonance when you live in resistance to who you are. Human conditioning has fabricated all of these realities that are mere distractions. See them for what they are. Take back your energy from them. Find your peace, find your inner stillness, find the voice inside of you that brings you comfort, to the point that your cells relax. The feeling that lets your arms, knees, joints and toes settle into the Earth. 

We are in a watery world, you are on land. But the universal laws are the same. Contrast just illuminates your deep desire for balance. There is no hierarchy. We don’t put birdsong on a pedestal. We don’t put certain fish or plants on pedestal. We have totem species that are important to us as we reverently interact with them and rely on them for survival. But there are different species that you rely on for survival and at some point we all touch. And it’s beautiful to see the symbiosis. It is a gift to contribute. And what we find important is that you contribute from your wholeness and not from a place of overthinking, rather a place of feeling. What does your heart say? How do you participate in your community? How do you fall in love with your voice because there is something so unique about it that you must convey, 

Watch us as we swim, watch us as we come together in our small pods, in our medium pods and spectacularly in these super pods. We do this to celebrate each other, but we also do it to send a message to the world. How does our coming together inspire you? How does it make you feel on a soul level? We want to infuse you today with love, light, joy, playfulness and buoyancy of spirit. There is no longer a time of self degradation. You are beautiful and coming into ripeness at just the right time, in just the right conditions. 

Striped Dolphin are found all over the world. They do not do well in captivity, although it was attempted as the Japanese have been whaling them for decades. There is much overlap between the whaling and captivity industries. They are known for traveling in very large groups, up into the thousands.  

Kristen Houser