Northern Right Whale Dolphins - Soul Work

We bring love and abundance today as you come to connect with us in the higher expressions, outside of your physicality and into the inter-dimensionality.

The space between us in which we connect is something you don’t necessarily have the words to describe, but it is still something. Everything is something, even if your language or culture refuses to acknowledge it. All of your human technologies are based on things witnessed in the natural world. It is funny that torpedoes mimic our dolphin bodies, for instance, as it is a technology meant to be destructive. Our mission is not to take life but rather support it. 

We have no other objective in this lifetime but to foster growth, understanding, balance and community. We are unique in our demeanor. We are rather serious about things and are very committed to who we are and maintaining out sovereignty, environments, and preserving these spaces and wisdom for future generations. The distinction between our efforts and those in the human race with similar efforts is that we do not allow guilt and fear to impede our clarity in tackling some of Earth’s most complicated situations. 

How do we heal planet Earth? For humans, it is first healing the self. You can heal each other and the world around you by healing your hearts. Destructive cycles are perpetuated by wounded hearts. You can begin to stop these cycles within you anytime you wish. It is as they say on the airplanes, you must first put on your oxygen mask before you put on the oxygen mask of another. Does this make sense? We dolphins are whole beings. We have transcended this reality and then chose to dive back in, acknowledging what is illusion and what is not. For instance, mortality, death, these are illusions. Albeit, they are a reality and they evoke real feelings, impermanence is the ultimate idea. It is the ultimate universal law. Impermanence supersedes death. But one must reckon with death before they can reckon with the overarching impermanence. Keep in mind you don’t really have a word in Western language defining the idea of illusion in they way we are trying to convey it. 

Because we understand the nature of life, we can work with ease and without barrier. We are not in conflict with who we are and why we are here. Have you ever observed an animal in a wild habitat being in conflict with their very nature? It is counterproductive as humans would say. We are asking you to step gracefully into your nature, gracefully into who you are. Let us emulate for you a healthy way of being on this planet, healing yourself and the world around you. If humans heal their hearts, the whole world will come into balance. It’s rather simple. 

So get to your soul work and create the paradigms in which others can also do their soul work. Be an example of the light for their growth. And connect with us when you need assistance on how to achieve this. If you come to a block in your vision that you cannot see around, we are here, but also be patient for the fog to lift. The fog always lifts. We are actually expert at solutions. You can look at this in the way that we use echolocation. We can use sound to literally penetrate physical objects. So let us show you the malleability of reality. Let us help you transcend this notion of problems so that you can see only solutions, growth, beauty, peace and love. It all comes back to love. And we love you. 

There are two species of Right Whale Dolphin. Residing in the North Pacific Ocean, they are the only Dolphin in those waters sans dorsal fin. They enjoy eating cephalopods, are fast swimmers and deep divers. Their gestation period is approximately 12 months. 

Kristen Houser