Hector’s Dolphins - An Ocean of Trust

We are here to bring you messages of trust when things seem uncertain. When life feels like it couldn’t get any darker, the valleys couldn’t get any lower and the peaks aren’t even in sight, we are here for you. When you feel like you have been pushed to your brink, when your toes are on the edge, it’s best to just leap. There is always something there to catch you. We are not saying that you leap from a place of fear, but leap from a place of trust. Trust that you’ve been caught before in the nurturing energies of Gaia and you will be swaddled once more in the womb of this Earth.

It is impossible for you to become separate. You are literally inseparable as you are an intrinsic part of this world and universe beyond. The illusion is the separation. The truth is the interconnectedness of all things. If you are being asked to leave something behind, know that you are being prepared to receive something far more suited for you. We promise, it only gets better when you take that leap of faith. And the more you take the leap of faith, the more you understand how the process works. Many are hesitant to take first few leaps of faith to begin with and they spend their whole life teetering on the edge, afraid to peer over, afraid to jump into the Oceans of life. The mothering Ocean that is just waiting to receive you, waiting to nourish you, waiting to make you feel buoyant again.

You came from a watery womb, and to the watery womb you should return. The waters of Earth are here to protect you, hydrate you, inspire you, make you reverent. For many this is scary because you were raised in a culture of fear, a culture that didn’t celebrate rights of passage or shadow work. But we are here to tell you that you have solidarity with many that have come before you. And if you take this leap of faith, you will attract in those who are also on the same journey. Keep those close who support you in taking some divine risks, because there is much reward in the divine risk. Even if it doesn’t end up looking like you thought it would, you learned something. And that is the whole point of life! This life is an education, it is not meant to be an arena that is sterile and stagnant. Comfort is not your ultimate goal. 

You are meant to be stretched beyond how flexible you thought you were. Many don’t make it to that point in this lifetime and realize the other side, the benefits of flexibility, adaptability and no longer living in fear of tomorrow. Fear of the future dissipates when you understand that it is all about the journey and not the destination. Where are you rushing to? What is there to achieve? Is comfort really your main priority? What about experience? What about depth? What about symbiotic, connective love? Do you have those things in your life today? Are you okay with supporting complacency now that prevents new energy from presenting itself tomorrow? It seems like you have a choice to make.

Hector’s Dolphins are found in the waters of coastal New Zealand. They are the only Cetacean exclusively living in New Zealand waters along with their close relatives, the endangered Maui’s Dolphins. The Maori refer to these two Dolphins as popoto, tutumairekurai or tupoupou. They live in small pods and predators include Orca and Sharks. 

Kristen Houser