Heaviside’s Dolphins - Coyotes of the Sea

You could call us the tricksters of the Ocean, or the Coyotes of the Sea. We enjoy playing games like appearing in one place and then appearing in an entirely different and unexpected location. It is fun to fool people on boats and fisherman to keep the magic and mystery of life alive. Most things that animals do are quite intentional. To the average person they might just seem random or just this rather simple, trite behavior. But everything is really done with meaning because we are all hooked into Earth’s grid, we are all aligned with the resonance. So if a bird swoops in really close to you, they are trying to get your attention. Or at least someone is trying to get your attention. It might be your guides, it might be Gaia, or it could be the animal world itself. It might even be your higher self trying to get you to listen to that still small voice inside!

We call ourselves the Coyotes of the Sea because we like to use interesting methods to impart our wisdom and our way of being. Just as Coyote, we have had to find interesting ways to navigate our world. We are not the Orca, we are not the Great White Shark, but we know them. We are small, cunning, crafty and we work together to thrive. We appear and reappear to protect ourselves and our families, but also to play. Everything you do in your life should be playful. This is a game in a sense; it is not to be manipulated but to be enjoyed. Once you learn the rules you can start working within the framework to find what suits you.

And this is what the trickster medicine teaches: you think it’s one thing, it’s actually the other and then you get to see it full circle. You get to look at the situation from all sides of the sphere. The nature of reality is far more flexible than most give it credit for in the human realm. You are so much more powerful than you realize, as well. The thing you don’t always know is how much of your power you have given away. Maybe you have given it to another person, an institution or even a thought. Your idea of something being concrete makes it concrete, makes it impenetrable. The animal world has a myriad of ways to show you that this isn’t so. Water isn’t air. Sea isn’t land. They rules are entirely different in contrasting places, so put on a mask, slip on some flippers, hold your breath or bring your oxygen with you. Whatever it takes for you to step out of your own reality for a moment and see it through ours. We can show you the different sides of the sphere, new options available to you. What lessons can you take from our watery world and apply to your own? 

You are an agent of change. You are a creator. You manifest the destiny you desire. Own that, claim it. And we are going to be pulling pranks until you do. You think it’s one way, oh, it’s not! You think it’s this way? It is the complete opposite. These things are keeping you on your toes, and we are keeping you on your toes. Don’t cement yourself into that human conditioning. Flow in the Ocean of life. Laugh when it’s time to laugh, take action when it is time to take action. It will all still be a mystery, but you will understand the laws of the universe a little better. Then you will be able to relax and enjoy more. 

Heaviside’s Dolphins reside off the coast of Southern Africa. They are social, swift swimmers. They are closely related to the Chilean, Commerson’s and Hector’s Dolphins. They have a briefer lifespan than other Dolphins at 20 years maximum.

Kristen Houser