Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins - Breathing

We have a great reputation among you, among the spiritual and the adventurous. We swim with everyone, from tourists to seekers. And we greet them all according to their needs and understanding. We work with everyone on an individual basis, based up their desires (often subconscious), frequency and healing necessary. We are a very loving species, but we probably didn’t have to tell you that. If you know us you know this about us.

We have come to talk to you today about breathing. Are you witnessing your breath? You are just one breath away from the spirit world. There is no difference between this dimension and the next besides breath. In that breath you find awareness, you find your center, you find the source. The source could be many things: your breath, the sun, water, the inevitability of change. But all things bring you back into oneness through communion. Communion with the resonance of Gaia. Humans do this thing where they create an external world, manufacturing something outside of themselves forcing them to do something. And that artificially makes them feel separate from the rest of us on Earth.

There is nothing separating humanity from the ‘natural world’ except itself. Humanity feels like an outsider on this planet. But we are all outsiders who have chosen to be here. Listen to those who are both cosmic and human. If they claim to be in one extreme or the other, they haven’t quite found the balance that is Earth. We have gender here, we have light and dark. We have winter and we have summer. Duality is the teacher of Gaia. You must use your breath to harmonize. To find the space in between the duality. Breath helps you find the center of the spectrum. Breath helps you go from the conscious mind to the deep mind where anything is possible. You have to penetrate through an experience and your reaction to an experience to become an observer of your breath, to become a witness to your life. 

We are not trying to get all philosophical or spiritual on you, this is just the nature of how it is. Unfortunately most of you were indoctrinated by distraction and consumption. So it takes a lot of deprogramming to get to this simplicity. You have been led astray to overcomplicate the simple: good food, good company, love, affection, finding your purpose and living it out. If you don’t know your purpose yet, just do things that bring you purpose, then follow the bread crumbs to figure out who you actually are. It will be a wild ride but come jump with us, leap, start enjoying the exit and the entrance. We leave our watery world by jumping and leaping into the air and we enjoy that dichotomy of experience. We know it is scary, but we are here for you. We know it takes courage, but we have been available to you the whole time. We have been waiting for you. We have been waiting for humanity to join us in the depths of our watery world.

We are not claiming that this process is easy. But we can guarantee you it will be rewarding. We are of the idea that awarenesses is better than ignorance. This Earth was made to discovered and enjoyed and loved and reveled in. We would like to see more people enjoying the journey. We are dolphins after all, and we are all about joy.

Scientists aren’t explicitly sure why Spinner Dolphins leap so high into the air, but they conjecture it is an attempt to rid their bodies of remoras or it is a technique of communication. They forage at the end of the day when their food source (such as fish and squid) emerge from the depths and move closer to the coast. Dolphins rest with half their brain active and half inactive. 

Kristen Houser