Common Dolphins - Staircase to Simplicity

As the Common Dolphins, we were given this name that doesn’t really describe our power and strength that well in a human context, yet we are also entirely okay with your idea of being common. We like to blend in when we desire. But we also like to be playful and showy when the mood strikes us. 

There are these ideas in human culture swirling about fame and recognition. We would like to interject that being common isn’t that common at all. It is actually a beautiful thing to slowly build your platform in life. Maybe you will be granted notoriety for what you do, but it is never the objective. If you desire fame and recognition far before you know what you will be getting it for, therein lies some sort of disconnect. Just as the Grandmother is celebrated in the tribe, that is more how we view what you would call fame. It is the celebration of a life well lived. Of an experience refined. 

In your culture, youth is celebrated. Youth is a time of experimentation. Your body works well, you’re free to do as you please. And you have all this ambition and drive. But you can easily put the cart before the horse, as you say in your human world. We are asking you today to enjoy the process. To enjoy when life puts the spotlight on you, yet also enjoy the moments when you get to curl up at home with a hot cup of tea and a blanket. These are equally vital moments in life that come from a mature and peaceful place within you. 

The approval of others, or when others desire you, is a fleeting feeling. You must learn to desire yourself primarily, to love yourself ultimately. Then you can continue the journey of becoming whole within while attracting others who are doing the same. To be common is to be blessed. To be well versed in the true simplicities of life is actually very rare in this modern day. To celebrate the simplicity, to have reverence for the simplicity. That is what you are aiming for. 

Discover what you came here to do, who you came here to be, how you want to offer your light to this world. And follow the gradual staircase of that journey. May you always be on those stairs. There is no destination. It is just about embodying love, enjoying your time here and realizing you have a role to play in this theater. You have been given a part, there is a narrative, the story is important. It is the arrows in your life pointing you towards wholeness. Are you paying attention?

Now, instead of thinking of our scientific name, how do we feel to you?

There are currently two species beneath the umbrella of Common Dolphin: the Short-beaked Common Dolphin and the Long-beaked Common Dolphin, although that has the potential of expanding. They were often Dolphin featured in Grecian and Roman art. They prefer warmer waters are not usually candidates for captivity. 

Kristen Houser