Chilean Dolphins/Black Dolphins - Spark of Remembrance

We coexist with the people of our region. We are respected and adored by most. We like connecting with them in what you humans might call the ‘old ways’. We spark a remembrance. As the modern world and new technologies and distractions slowly creep in, we remain a beacon of different times, a slower pace, a picture of connection to Gaia through our fishing, swimming, loving and community. 

What else is more important besides nurturing yourself, those you love and in turn your community? There is nothing more important. You might have a long journey to arrive at such a simple conclusion. But it is most necessary that you do adopt these ideas. Integrate them into who you are and let that light radiate from your core as you continue on your journey. We are not telling anyone how to live or instructing them to do things a certain way. We are suggesting that there is an internal alignment available, an inner peace from operating in this way. 

If you keep looking outside of yourself, all you will find is more confusion. You must draw inward. If you seek the opinions of others because you do not trust your own truth, you will be pulled back and forth as opposed to being in your center. Conversations and insight and feedback is very important, but you have to learn when to receive and when to trust your voice. As your internal voice grows stronger, you will need very little feedback about how to live your life. You will just know, you will feel the winds, you will sense the tides turning. You will look up at the moon and at the stars and they will tell you how you are feeling and in which direction to go. You might be prompted to learn a lesson, or shed a skin. But these are all gifts. No matter what you are being called to relinquish, spirit is waiting to give you something more appropriate, better suited for you at this time. What you needed yesterday might not be what you need today. This could be a relationship, a teacher, a mantra or even a food. 

Be sure to honor other’s journeys as you honor your own. If someone offers you insight that does not resonate, thank them and be on your way. If someone offers you a beautiful morsel, thank them and be on your way. We are here to assist you as we have been assisting those of our native waters. Call upon us at anytime. We inhabit the waters off the Coast of your human Chile and there we feel all the energy that comes down the globe. It trickles to us atop your continents and through your rivers. We are transmuting fear into love, we help shift toxins into purity; this is all alchemy. Let us assist you in your regenerative process. Let us lend you a flipper as you come back into wholeness. 

The Chilean Dolphin or Black Dolphin is called the Tonina in Chile. Their small shape and size often gets them confused with Porpoises. There is very little scientific research on this species. 

Kristen Houser