Atlantic White-sided Dolphins - Bodies Like Cave Paintings

We have joyfully dedicated our lives to inhabiting waters in some of the most populated parts of the world. In human terms, they are also very powerful politically and economically. There is no coincidence on this planet. Have you noticed that yet? All is divine. Even though there is a spectrum of dark and light, all is in divine order. One must journey through the shadow to find the light within. You can see that on the markings of our dolphin bodies, like cave paintings jogging your memory. 

We very much enjoy our work. It brings us must satisfaction. There are challenges that we find stimulating. Many other Dolphins prefer quiet and solitude. But we really like to get in there. To use a phrase from human culture, we don’t mind getting our hands dirty. We like working with some of the densest energies on the planet, infusing it with our magic, light codes and brilliance. This helps transmute things to a more appropriate energy for Earth at this time. We have been instrumental in the shift of Earth and its ascension. These energies just don’t get transmuted on their own, it is participatory. 

As you journey along your ascension process, you realize the potent space only you can hold. The puzzle piece you are and how you fit within. You begin to form a healthy ownership of your mission, because you realize the arduous journey it took to get here. It becomes lodged so lovingly within that no external force can rob you of it. You also find yourself brimming with compassion for your fellow humans in a new way. You find reverence for the position you now hold, the lightness and the responsibility. You know how important it is to do the work only you can do. We arrived at these conclusion a very long time ago. But we didn’t have the same journey the as the human in this lifetime, to transcend the ego, to work within these systems of karma, or or however you like to understand cycles. Life is initiations and rites of passage. Many get lost within the labyrinth without a guide.

We don’t have the same labyrinth. We get to just simply be. Be love, be of service, be at peace. What more is there dear family? What more are you striving for besides stillness, satisfaction and compassion? Compassion for your fellow beings on this planet. We guarantee that if you orient to this higher vibrational knowingness, your truest and deepest desires, then all will unfold for you in a divine timing. It is not easy shedding these layers, sometimes it translates as sickness or scarcity. But take heart, this is just an aspect of the journey that does not define you but refines you. Claim what is yours, your birthright; you are love and you are lovable. You are abundance and you offer that to others. It feels difficult getting here, but once you do the waters are warm. Join us in floating in the salty buoyant waters of the Sea of life. 

Atlantic White-sided Dolphins reside in the North Atlantic. They live approximately 25 years and are extremely social, even sustaining interactions with fellow Cetaceans. 

Kristen Houser