Southern Right Whale Dolphins - Mind Garden

We come bringing gifts. It is a beautiful thing to come bearing a gift whenever you are being received into someone’s home. And you are receiving us right now. To show our gratitude we have come to offer you something valuable and intangible regarding inner peace. It pertains to stillness. It involves a joyful heart. Many are focused on building an exterior home, but your true home is the landscape of your mind and the many layers that comprise it. That is where you should build your palace. We are not saying to forgo your needs in the physical world. Those are very important. They are critical to your comfort, supportive infrastructure, joy and routine. But the landscape of your mind, the habitat of your creative energy, the palace in which you dwell within reigns supremely. 

This landscape is something you can curate any way you like. Water what you want to grow and weed out what no longer serves you. You will see the lessons in the physical form dissipate. Many do not stop to tend their gardens. The weeds grow over. It’s hard to see the paths and the paths that you can see have become dusty and worn thin from overuse. 

We want to offer you a directional gesture to being more at peace. A lot of this process happens organically in the day to day. As you live, you can observe what you want to grow in your garden and what you want to exclude from it: which plant varieties you want to cultivate and the pollinators with which you want to co-create. You choose what you want to see fruit and who you are going to allow in to dine with you upon the fruits of your labor. 

If you don’t care about your mindscape or your energy, you might just let anybody in. But if you realize that you are the steward of your inner terrain, you will become more specific, more finely tuned. You will be able to extend love to everyone form this garden (it is more helpful to the world that you are whole first). You will extend a beautiful frequency to the world while being more particular about who dines with you, who you have conversations with and who shares your bed. How they tend to their garden is very important as well. The two would benefit from both be committed to their inner landscapes.

Growth is a never-ending process. It never stops. You’re an eternal student on this life journey. Complacency breeds stagnancy, illness, discontent. You will find a rhythm in growing. You will come to appreciate nothing but growth. That is the purpose of you being here. And if you listen to the whispers of your inner voice, you will know when to rest, you will know when to act. You will know how to flow. Life will become less arduous when you stop pushing or when you stop thinking you have all the answers. If you ever need counsel or desire some insight, we are always available to you. We are here to be of assistance. Call upon us at any time and we will arrive. Focus on the elegant patterns on our bodies and you will be inspired. We are sending all of our love to you on our fruitful journey. Thank you for receiving us. 

There are two species of Right Whale Dolphin. Residing in the Southern Hemisphere, they are the only Dolphin in those waters sans dorsal fin. They can move within groups of 1,000 but typically travel in pairings and up to 100. They can often be found alongside Hourglass Dolphins. 

Kristen Houser