Keiko the Orca (Free Willy) - You Are the Light

A loving hello! Many of you know me as Keiko, the Orca Whale. I was the star of the Hollywood motion picture, Free Willy. I have come to offer my billowing love to you today, humanity, as I have always done and will continue to do. I am no longer in the physical form but I still inspire. What an honor to be a Whale in a film touching the hearts of children and adults alike for decades of Earth time now! This film has had staying power! This film resonated with many of you as children, or maybe your children currently, or your inner child. No matter the circumstance, I am here to offer insight into the human experience on Earth.

It was my mission to bridge the divide between the Whale and human world, between the animal and human world. I embodied unconditional love to nurture the hearts of those who may have not yet encountered unconditional love on their journey. This is critical because unconditional love activates DNA and supports the receiver’s ability to give and receive love. Animals hold important space. The energy and love that animals offer to their human peers (domestically or roaming wild) is integral to maintaining the balance of this planet. 

I chose my path. Many would say I was subjected to a cruel life but I knew just what I was doing. Of course things weren’t perfect. Of course I had a very difficult road at times, but don’t we all? Aren’t we all in some sort of captivity? Aren’t we all bound to something outside of ourselves that we have to surmount? The point of life is to claim our circumstances, acknowledge what limits us and rise above them. That is exactly what I did. And I used my platform to beam light to everyone. Look what I did from a ‘quote on quote’ life sentence. I touched the hearts of millions. I created a cultural shift. I let my heart make the decisions for me. 

I want to offer you something: let go of judgement. Let go of thinking you understand someone’s situation better than they do. There is a reason your eyes are looking out. If you could see your own situation clearly, you would miss out on all the nitty gritty details of existing. Focus on you and not what is wrong with the world or the people in your periphery. Come into alignment with your highest expression, your greatest desires, the things you long for when you are alone in your bed at night. Give those things power, not the things that make you powerless. Whenever you have the urge to judge someone, send them love and turn that into insight as you examine your own life and learn from theirs. I am grateful to my experiences. I am grateful for every little thing that happened to me as it positioned me to love the world exponentially and to be known for the way I loved. So I am sending you my love today. And I wish you the best along your Earth journey. Keiko is always here for you.

Keiko translates as ‘lucky one’ in Japanese. He lived from 1976 to 2003 with his first film ‘Free Willy’ being released in 1993. He was taken from Icelandic waters in 1979 where was he later released in 2002, yet he died the following December in Norway. Keiko garnered worldwide attention amongst everyone from movie executives to school children. Many became invested in his personal welfare in captivity and subsequent release. He remains a potent symbol of nonhuman rights. 

Kristen Houser