'White' Whales - Beacon of Light

We couldn’t come onto the planet until this exact moment in history as a precursor to the 5D ascension of the planet. We have come as a beacon of light, as a dissonance in the natural world to illuminate a new way of being. If you see something the same way your entire life and then it appears in an entirely different form to you at a later time, it alters your perception. You can’t perceive reality in the same way anymore; your notion of reality has been distorted. On some level you can’t give the same weight to reality that you thought you could in the past. 

We’re an indication of the changing times. We came as times were shifting to show the way showers a breadcrumb of what is to come. We are like the White Buffalo in the Native American tradition. We bring forth the sacred, the feminine, the balance, the purity and the new. It’s not that we’re better than everyone else, it’s just time for us to be here. In being completely white, we indicate that it is time for duality to be seen for what it is, a teacher. It’s no longer supported in the 5D framework. In what ways are you still operating in a dualistic way that’s no longer supportive? What thought patterns and cycles of being can you shed to become new, to become sovereign, to align with Gaia and her ascension? Why did you come to the planet here at this time? What is your purpose for being here? Why does our presence impact you? We are a mirror for the light inside of you. We came here to remind you who you are: a spark of god, a glimmer of light—a divine being who has done this many times. We are no different, you and I. We just hold a different space. What is your piece of the puzzle? We came here to illuminate the path for others to follow. 

What do you actually desire from this life? And we aren’t referring to desires that are rooted in fear. We are inquiring about the desires you have within you that probably began when you were a child. If life has become chaotic and heavy, ask your inner child for help. Seek the guidance of the innocent one inside of you. The young ones tend to know the most about living but they are rarely asked how they believe we can all live more nourishing lives. They come here with the newest software, the newest information, the widest perceptions and the grandest ideas. They are dismissed and their imagination is put in a box and suffocated. There is truth and future in your imagination. 

This incarnation is holographic. You are on a school of learning. This planet is a spinning globe of refinement. Enjoy this time for what is it. Enjoy this experience. Welcome all your experiences as lessons, let them rise to greet you but do not cling to them, just honor what they have to teach you and let them go. Surrender to your divine path and in that surrender recognize your co-creative capacity in this process. We are the architects of our reality. The seeds you plant today will bloom tomorrow. Never underestimate your power. We are happy to collaborate with you in this era. Thank you. 

There are ‘White Whales’ being observed all over the world, most notably in the Humpback species. But individuals have also been seen amongst the Right Whales, Orca and other Dolphins. Scientists cannot identify a specific reason for such a bold physical divergence from the standard pigmentation. Notable examples of the ‘White Whales’ are Migaloo the Humpback spotted off the coast of Australia and Iceberg the Orca documented in Alaskan waters.   

Kristen Houser