Collective of Cetaceans - Wayshowers

We are the Collective of Cetaceans. We have chosen to be on Earth in this incarnation of water mammals to maintain the vibration, the high frequency necessary to keep this planet in balance during its period of duality. We have held this space since time on Earth began, either in incubation or in physical form. We co-created this space and then we became form in this space. Do not allow the limits of your human mind to prevent you from seeing a more expansive picture. You are only limited by your physical frame (the hardware and software and the software that can be supported within the hardware). There are many interfaces to choose from. This is just a learning experience. Don’t cling so tightly to the narrative of what’s happening. See through it, as this is only meant for your growth. You didn’t come here to be plagued by uncertainty and suffering. You came to this Earth school to claim your divinity and cherish your human-ness. 

We, the Collective of Cetaceans, are wayshowers. We have come to remind you who you are. If you see us and know there is something different about us then you must recognize that there is something inherently different about you. We no longer want to watch you suffer. Yes, we recognize the impermanence of this suffering and the necessity of it for your growth. But it is such a harsh teacher. It’s painful in our bodies as well—our physical bodies. When you leave this life, (and maybe many of you reading this before this incarnation ends for you) you will realize the purpose of this duality. You will minimize your suffering. You will let all of your experiences pass before you as some distant memory or as a movie. May your life become a movie and may your dreams become your life. See the interchangeability of these narratives. Find your peace, feel your peace. Find love in the highest expression. You are not bound to your circumstances. Your thoughts bind you there. Change your thoughts. Change your life. Clear out what doesn’t serve you. Find your heart center and move forward. 

This is a patient process. Results in this reality take time to come into from. You can’t just push a button and get an immediate result. Some of you think that’s a possibility because you were raised in the Western world of convenience. But that convenience came at a price and you just didn’t see all the effort that went into it before the moment when it found your hands. 

We encourage you to grow food and flowers, to work with animals. Watch something emerge from the dark soil. See the time it takes to go from leaf to blossom to fruit. Watch the cycles of Earth and you will find your truth. You will find your resonance. This isn’t something you can purchase. This isn’t something someone can tell you. You can seek assistance but you must find it for yourself. Anything that takes away your power is beside the point. You must discover what makes your heart beat with you. You must discover what brings you true, unwavering peace. You must discover what you are willing to put your life on the line for and then you will be free. We’re sending all of our love to you and thank you for choosing this incarnation. We are pleased to be alongside you in the process. 

The ‘Collective of Cetaceans’ is the overarching voice of the Cetacea order on Earth at this time. Cetacea is the order of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises. There are approximately 89 species living presently. Cetaceans fall into one of two parvorders: Odontoceti (the more common toothed Whales) and Mysticeti (baleen Whales). 

Kristen Houser