Atlantic Spotted Dolphins of Bimini - Be Love

We are the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins of Bimini that live in the old sites of Atlantis. We are the guardians of the energy grid of our watery home. We have made it our joy to be of service. We elevate humanity so that they also find the same joy in giving. That they may be vessels of unconditional love and compassion. That is the foundation of life on Earth: getting back to that source love and spreading compassion all over the world. 

We swim with the humans. We work with their energy body as well as their physical body, as they are inseparable. We really tune in. We scan them. We heal them. We activate DNA and plant light codes within them. We take our job seriously. We do it elegantly, there is no forcing. This is one of the roles we play in assisting humanity in its journey to wholeness. Many of you do work like we do in human form. We applaud you, as this takes much courage. Our lives are easier in a sense as there is more simplicity to being in dolphin form. No one has expectations of us. We get to roam free. Our limitations are usually just environmental because our pods work together. We have an overarching commitment to spreading light and healing. 

Those of you who have chosen to be healers in this lifetime have to ‘suffer’ the most. You have to heal yourselves to offer those finely tuned insights to others. If you overcome your adversities, you are humbled, you are grateful and you are ready to give back. You cannot spare someone from their own journey but you can offer them assistance when they are ready. 

Take some tips from us. Be love. Embody love. Beam it out of your eyes. Smile. Any opportunity you have to spread your light, take it!  And we will let you in on a little secret: you probably won’t be saying anything. Sometimes it’s easier that way for you. Just be the energy that you want to see more of in the world. You will attract that energy to you and you’ll inspire those that aspire to increase their vibration as well. Everyone is equal but people are at different aspects in their journey. They have different objectives for their lifetime, different blueprints. They are dealing with a different set of variables. You cannot compare anyone to anyone else but you can find the general themes and recognize the ways we all mirror each other.

There is a reason why the eyes are in the head looking out as we are just not supposed to see everything happening to us. That is why we live in communities (humans and dolphins), so that we can illuminate in each other our gifts and insights! We can figure out who we are by working together. We have to come together. If everyone is in their power, the whole puzzle fits together just right and it is a beautiful display. So we offer ourselves to you today. How can we be of assistance? Call upon us at any time. You don’t have to be swimming with us in the warm tropical waters of Bimini but you are also welcome whenever. We can come to you as you sleep. We could visit you in meditation or on the train or in the car. Whatever you like. We are here for you and you are not alone. We send you all of our love, all of our gratitude. We would like to help you in ushering compassion onto Gaia at this time. 

As they age, the spots of the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins boldly emerge. They are one of the most playful and interactive dolphin species. One of these notable interactive populations resides in Bimini in The Bahamas. 

Kristen Houser