Harbor Porpoises - Aloneness

We choose to keep a low profile in the areas we inhabit. We can still see and be seen by the human world. Humans definitely know that we’re around but we choose to do most of our work in obscurity. We are small creatures. We can become frightened easily, but not in your sense of the word frightened. We simply prefer our aloneness. That is what we want to speak to you about today. 

Humans struggle with loneliness and isolation, but as many of your human teachers and mystics have proposed, aloneness is a different way of being. You enjoy your own company. You are not tortured by your thoughts in a way that causes you to go out looking for a distraction. Instead, your stillness radiates from you. Your inner peace penetrates confusion and becomes a part of your auric field. People understand something about you but they don’t quite know what they are understanding until they themselves can comprehend it. This often how humans relate to the Cetacean world. They view us. They love us. They know there is something different but they can’t quite put their finger on it. A few do. And many cultures in the past have. If you’re reading this today then you’re beginning to understand. 

We want to be peers but it hasn’t been that way for a long time between our communities and humanity. The increased ocean traffic has made it difficult for us but we manage. We are not saying that to make you feel guilt or shame. That is the last thing we want to do. But we do desire to convey what is in your best interest. And what is in your best interest is in our best interest. The world is imbalanced but we have confidence that it’s coming back into alignment. The tipped scales are the end of an era. Many fear that it will be this way forever, but Pachamama has a way of healing herself. And so do you. Your healing is possible.

We are really good at tuning into the vibrations and frequencies of your bodies, of your physical frame. We may be a bit skittish in the physical world but we are powerful energetic physicians. We can swim in, make a diagnosis, and offer the right frequency that you need for healing. So, if we swim into your life today, maybe there is something in your physical body that you should consider. Are you giving it proper attention? Or is the fear of what’s manifesting making the problem worse? Healing begins with acknowledgement, then action, and a subsequent change in lifestyle or thought. It’s rather simple: don’t listen to those who tell you healing is impossible. It might be a difficult, long road full of challenges, but these are only tests meant to pivot you to a better understanding of who you are and what you need. Embrace the path of healing. 

In closing, we want to return to this idea of aloneness. Humans are so busy taking care of each other as opposed to taking care of themselves first. It’s a little different with family relationships—your young and your aging parents—but you still have to feed yourself first before you can feed another or you’ll have no energy left to give. It sounds simple but we really encourage you to reorient to that idea. You have to put yourself at the top of the totem pole so that that joy and fullness can trickle down to everyone else in your life. 

When you get to enjoy your own company, you have come to know one of life’s key lessons. Let your joy radiate from within and outward to the rest of the world. That’s our philosophy as tiny Harbor Porpoises. 

Harbor Porpoises are timid and typically found in small groups. They prefer coastal areas, so they often encounter the issues associated with living in proximity to human activity (fishing, water vessel traffic, pollution, etc). They are such subtle creatures in they way that they surface to breath with their small bodies and they do not play in the wakes of boats. They live in the more Northern waters of Earth. 

Kristen Houser