Galactic Whales - As Above So Below

We are from the stars and it is likely that you are also. You have chosen this human incarnation and we are here to be of assistance to you. It is similar to the Wolf in the Native American tradition; if you ask for the tribe’s greatest teacher, wolf appears. And if you ask for the cosmos’ greatest teacher, Whale will appear. 

We have a fundamental way of conveying love. We say fundamental because it’s essential to your being. It’s time to anchor the energies of the unconditional love onto the planet and that is our mission, first and foremost. Our subsequent missions include helping empower Earth’s energetic grid and rewiring systems unseen (that also include the connections from human brain to human brain, human brain to Gaia, human brain to natural world). We’re just overall assisting in synching up with the rhythms of earth again to breathe in and out as they once did. 

Humanity had been subjugated for far too long, but that reign of subjugation is over. It was predicted in many esoteric texts, old world religious texts, hidden between the lines if you understood what was happening. We want to tell you something about religion. We understand if it’s part of your journey, but a lot of it is inverted to keep you in a place of giving your power away. They don’t want you to understand your own divinity. We are firm advocates of you retaining your own power and channeling that power inward so that you can move forward in your trajectory. We would say you should have a cautious distrust of anyone who doesn’t advocate for self-love and self-empowerment. These are the tools for your freedom. This is the mantra for this era: you must find who you are, love who you are, and then you must BE who you are. We’re swimming in your forcefields. We’re swimming in your vortices, helping to bring you back into alignment. 

Some of you on Earth have recognized us and we are grateful. Many resonate with the whales in physical form and we are there galactic counterparts. They are our physical manifestation who do the same work. 

As above so below. Our origins are in Sirius. We have great minds and great hardware, great firmware, great systems. We rewire the energetic grids of Earth, mind and body to function in unison. There’s been a great dissonance in your human population for far too long and we’re grateful to be of service. All we desire is to give love and be of service so that you, too can have the same desires, so that your essence can emanate from you. This is the key to eliminating suffering—to step into your power. Step into your flow and realize that you were the flow the entire time. You are the spark of god. You are a shaving from the tree of life. 

Refrain from neglecting your shadow work. It’s imperative to who you are. The Western mind wants to hide from the shadow, but we say dive right in. We know all about diving. Watch videos of us—or we should say watch videos of us in physical form: diving, navigating, swimming. Watch the way we move. Watch the way we collaborate. Watch the way we breathe. Breathe like us. Breathe consciously when you need to breathe consciously. And then just live when you need to just live. It’s like learning to walk. You have to really think about it hard, until you get it and then you don’t have to think about it ever again. It becomes involuntary. It’s the same thing when you rewire the mindscape. Once you do the work, you won’t have to do it ever again if you do it properly, if you implement the right systems. This sounds all technical but we’re really just asking you to follow your heart because your heart will never lead you astray. Listen closely to the small voice inside. Understand what is chaos of the mind and what is the inner peace. Do what resonates with you. Feel it in your body. If it doesn’t feel good in your body, don’t do it. And show caution while listening to advice from others. They are not swimming in the same river that you are. They know not the strength of the current. Go with your gut. Listen to your heart. And swim with us, the Galactic Whales. 

The Galactic Whales have been assisting Earth since its creation. They are ascended beings that assist others in the Ascension process. They are from Sirius and have always been extremely connected with the affairs of Earth. They are always offering their assistance to humanity. As above, so below. 

Kristen Houser