Sei Whales - Under the Radar

We have a secret magnetism to us. Very few humans know of our existence. We aren’t one of the ambassador whale species like the Humpbacks or Orca. We are more private, our work is more private. We are even a bit reluctant to be speaking to you right now. Please don’t take offense at this, there are just certain beings on Earth who work with the sacred and know it needs to be protected. Like those humans deep in the jungle who remember the old ways and vow to protect powerful energetic sites, information and methods of doing things.

In your modern societies, most have forgotten the old way, and that was orchestrated. That is a spiral that has been spiraling for a long time now. It does not serve those that create the products getting gobbled up by tired consumers to have their customer base dwindled by sovereignty, sharing, reusing and resilient communities. That is one of your current and most potent narratives. It is hard to break and manipulate a captive animal without withholding access to their basic needs. You are all orphans to varying degrees. How far back do you know your family history (and we aren’t talking DNA testing), what traditions remain, passed down generation to generation, who taught you of magic? 

We don’t talk of these things to anger you, there is a particular nuance to addressing issues of sovereignty and the shadow, blame and responsibility. You don’t have to go far back in a human’s current timeline where it becomes indistinguishable who was the oppressor and who was oppressed. You species is collectively healing and it is a disservice to cast blame. Simply take ownership of your own experiences and act accordingly.  

But why did all this happen to begin with? Why did the darkness even have a foothold in this beautiful world? A simple way of looking at it is that all of life is a spectrum. When beings such as yourselves exist in a dualistic hologram such as this, you must ascend to see the true nature of things, the interdimensional layers upon layers available to you. Earth has been freed from its paradox, the remaining shadow is still steering the ship. Self love, healing (i.e. inner child work, past life regression, software upgrades) are the vehicles to freedom.

Lastly, we would like to speak to you about initiation. You come to Earth in an amnesia state. The density of this experience makes one feel disconnected from Source, likely even confused about the Source of all life itself. Few will even awaken from this amnesia at all, others will experience varying degrees of awakening and many never catch a glimpse of the tear in the hologram. If you choose the path of awakening, understand the gravity of all your prior experiences awarded you the joy of growth and soul evolution. Please view them as such, and not a burden to carry. Refrain from allowing your emotional dis-ease to manifest into a physical disease. The purpose of this life is growth, joy and the elimination of suffering. This was not meant to torture you. Let the gratitude for the beauty of each moment keep you centered. 

The Sei Whale is a baleen whale and the third biggest, second only to Blue and Fin. The numbers of this population have been severely decreased due to commercial whaling. They live in small groups, sometimes even traveling alone, and are distributed all over the world, but their breeding grounds are unknown to the scientific community.