Irrawaddy Dolphins - Live in the Balance

We live in the waters of the East, in the oceans and the estuaries. We live in the balance and we maintain the balance. That is what the Eastern world/mentality does for the entire world as well. Working on maintaining the balance of energies, the western world doesn’t quite comprehend the space that others hold for it, just as men do not often understand the space that women hold and vice versa. But many in the western world are now waking up. Many have incarnated as a westerner in this lifetime to assist in that process. There is no more this and that. We are all one, and not just in the cosmic sense but, literally, everyone has had so many incarnations at this point that DNA, race, color, hairlines, bone structures, are irrelevant. We’ve all experienced something and we will all continue to experience something else. 

It truly is a remarkable time to be on Earth and, although it feels painful sometimes, it isn’t as painful as it has been before. There is nothing more painful than the dense amnesia of disconnection from Source. There is nothing more painful than duality that is pushed upon people disconnected from their sovereignty. There is nothing more painful than the caged mind. 

The Irawaddy are coming to bring their messages of light and love. We are such buoyant little creatures. We love life so much. We love to jump and play and be the goddesses of our region that we are. We say goddesses because we hold a very illustrious, feminine energy. And we are respected and loved by the people that see us and live amongst us. We are venerated. 

Our lives aren’t perfect. We have challenges. Our populations do have factors that threaten them. But overall we are celebrated and we feel the momentum of energy on Earth grow and that makes our hearts so glad. That makes our hearts flutter with excitement and confirms that it was all worth it this entire time. We are here today to bring you practical messages. You are being called to step into your true nature now. The only way that is possible is by following your heart. 

Humans have lost their ability to trust themselves. They don’t know which voice inside is talking. There are so many at the same time. It’s a cacophony of sound. But you are learning to find the still, small voice. You are learning to nurture the inner child. When something doesn’t feel right in your body, ask why. You have a greater sensory perception than you even know. Sink into these feelings of stillness and perception. Trust what you feel, not what you think you should feel or think, or react how you think you should react. 

Spirit is just one breath away. All of the dimensions are layered upon each other. There is no division. The division is an illusion. Step out of your amnesia and claim what is yours – your infinite, divine nature. Celebrate your birthright as we celebrate alongside you. The redemption of humanity is upon us. The ascension of Earth is in progress. Friends, this is the moment we’ve always been waiting for. We are ready to splash, jump, leap and look, for all good things are upon us.

Irrawaddy Dolphins are coastal creatures. They dwell in Southern Asia. They make their way into estuaries and rivers including the Mekong, Ayeyarwady and Mahakam. They are critically endangered. The adults span from 4-9 feet. They tend towards shyness and use echolocation to navigate and hunt.