Indo Pacific Beaked Whales - Connect with Our Hearts

Hello today from the Indo Pacific Beaked Whale. We have such a buoyancy and lightness to us; that is an aspect of our mission, to bring light and joy to the Earth at this time. If you catch a glimpse of us, which is rare, you are lucky and will immediately be filled with an unparalleled lightness of heart. A word that you have that we think would describe ourselves is scrumptious. Take away your associations from the word scrumptious and just feel it. We’re scrumptious! Isn’t it silly and fun and visceral and palpable? That is an aspect of the wisdom that we are offering to you today: how to navigate this lifetime with a palpable scrumptiousness, with a joy and bliss unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. 

The reason this is possible is because the earth has shifted. A new era is upon us. As we move toward the year 2020 and the anchoring in of the 5D energies into the 3D human population, there is a grand new paradigm upon us. We are not only here to anchor in these energies, but be a part of the collaborative efforts to rebuild and create the heaven on Earth that once was. The difference between the heaven on Earth then and the heaven on Earth that will be resurrected now, that every guru spoke of, is that it will be based on human sovereignty. Human decisions. 

Why these things aren’t contingent upon the sovereignty of those in the animal kingdom is that the humans exist to learn in this dualistic paradigm. They are consciousness walking around. The animals are witnesses, mirrors and helpmates but not entirely subjected to the same perimeters. It’s as if those who need to learn the lessons are the ones that can liberate everyone because of the interconnectedness of the condition. Everyone suffers from the same disease and the cure is love. The interconnectedness of this reality mirroring our universal cosmic connection. It’s as if in an argument with a friend, the one who has done the wrong should be the one to apologize. We don’t see it as if humans have done something wrong; we hold much space for humanity because they have been subjugated and stripped of their knowingness. The amnesia state of their incarnation is difficult to navigate and so we are here to offer all of our loving, joyful assistance in the process of the awakening. In the process of anchoring in the new world, the nirvana, the paradise, the heaven on earth. 

Connect in with our hearts today. Connect your hearts to our hearts. Visualize a golden thread being strung between your heart and ours. And then imagine that golden thread being strung to everyone you know in your life, and to every whale you’ve ever met, every whale you’ve ever heard of, every bird you’ve ever seen in the sky, every cat you’ve ever pet, every dog that’s ever licked you hand, send that golden thread to everyone in your memory bank of experience. And as you continue to send those threads to your mother, your father and every butterfly that ever flew in front of you, feel the connection, love the connection, send love, delicate love, to all. You cannot expect to receive what you cannot offer. Be the change and the light that you wish so desperately someone had offered to you. Sometimes things seem inverted. Sometimes things seem opposite. But it’s just as Jesus instructed: if someone does you wrong, turn the other cheek. No matter what humanity has done, we still have nothing but love. We are unconditional in nature and we are offering that vibration to you today. Swim with us. Grab a flipper. Connect in with your heart and dive into the deep, warm, watery oceans that we call home. Visualization is integral to the ascension process. We love you and look forward to further conversations and connection.

Also known as Longman’s Beaked Whale or Tropical Bottlenose Whales, Indo-Pacific Beaked Whales prefer the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They are a rare cetacean and little is known about them. Their groups range in size from 10-100 members. Their diet consists mostly of squid and octopus. They are deep divers.