Baby Whales - Rebirth

This is a channeling of the collective of the baby whales. We are not a particular species of whale; we represent all of the new whales coming onto Earth at this time. We have come to lift the spirit of the older whales that have been here for a very long time, as the younger generations of your human species have come to lift the spirits of those who have been on the planet longer, in this density longer. We are here to bring in new light codes, new activations, new DNA, new software, new ways of being. 

The challenges of Earth are more specific than ever. There is a lot of fine tuning that needs to happen. A lot of things that maybe weren’t thought of in advance for this process of ascension. From moving beings from 3D to 5D. We have come to offer our assistance. We have a buoyancy, a lightness, we haven’t been held down by the passing of time, the issues that the older whales have had to face. Things like shipping, sonar, seismic testing, pollution of water, free radicals, fire retardants, captivity, overfishing. We mention these things not to bring down your vibration. Our entire purpose of being here is to increase your vibration and, subsequently, the entire vibration of the planet. We look at things entirely in regards to energy, frequency, vibration, and sound as well. And we live in the water, which is most powerful conduit of all these things. If you feel unbalanced, move back into the watery womb. Whatever womb you can find. Ocean, pond, lake, river, bathtub, even a puddle will do. 

Jesus talked about baptism and rebirth. Most people approach baptism once in their life and as an archaic ritual. But many of you on the ascension process are realizing that rebirth happens every single day. Every night you go to bed, every day you wake up, you come back with an opportunity. Forever expanding potential of regeneration of who you are and how you operate. Utilize this tool. Not everyone wants to die, but everyone wants to go to heaven. Have you heard this quote? You must shed old versions of yourself to make room for the new upgrades. To be able to process what’s going on in and around you. If you have no clue what’s happening to the planet, it’s time to tune in because you do feel like a fish out of water. If you don’t know how to tune in, ask someone who you think might. And if they don’t, they might be able to put you in the direction of someone who can. Keep asking, keep searching, keep following the breadcrumbs. No one’s going to come out and explicitly tell you what to do because you have to figure it out yourself. That’s the purpose of this meandering Earth journey. But it’s going to be easier the more you surrender to the process, the more you understand that there are those willing to help you along your journey if you’re willing to receive help. But help requires openness. It requires a delicacy. You must understand that the person sending you the message isn’t responsible to the message, they are the messenger. You can’t blame them for the information they give you. Thank them and send them love. It’s that simple. 

Celebrate the new ones of your species now coming onto the planet. Ask them what they need. Ask them very specific questions. Just because they’re children doesn’t mean they don’t have a frame of reference of what you’re saying. Same with the animals. Interpret it with an open mind. Also, did you know that your babies are telepathic? Did you know that there are intuitives that can communicate with your babies? What is the difference between animal communication and baby communication? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Expand your whole vision. You can do conservation work from your living room. You can do healing before your eyes even open in the morning. Expand the possibility of what you do. The youngest on the Earth are here to show you how. Do not limit someone because of their age. Open up to them more because they haven’t been as corroded by the living experience. They aren’t as in need of coddling because of what they’ve seen in this lifetime. Celebrate their innocence. And ask them the tough questions, because they’ll give you the answers. Thank you for listening to us baby whales. You might not have expected to hear from us, but we are sure glad you found us today.

The gestation period of whales and dolphins typically varies from 10-18 months. Some whales are known to utilize the help of fellow pod members as midwives. Some dolphins have been known to assist in human births. Cetaceans typically carry only one young at a time. Purity of the oceans is very essential to the health and quality of the mother’s milk and subsequently the calf.