Yangtze River Dolphins/Baiji - Don't Cry For Me

Yes, we have left our physical form in what you call extinction. But we didn’t mean for it to bring you self loathing and sadness. Our departure was merely a prompt. Are you listening to your fellow humans that are wailing at walls and whipping themselves in unachievable penance? Or are you quietly upgrading your frequency alongside those doing the same? Those shouting at the top of their lungs are trying to discern what they are shouting about. The answers are inside the souls of those with a quiet mind. Anyone can be a teenager on this planet no matter their age. Heed the wisdom of those around you who are Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Soul. 

It is a young soul who feels bound and responsible to the seeming energetic chaos and paradox of the external world. Look at your politics for instance. All that smoke and mirrors, pomp and circumstance. It is downright foolish and completely irrelevant! Black magic to keep you from going inward. They make you fear that going inward makes you blind and lame. That is why they want to keep you all children and enslave your minds that they definitely have the ability to manipulate. What is it going to be today? War, famine, tyranny, disease? Such tired parlor tricks! We scoff at such low vibration antics, such dark and unnecessary magic!

The holographic nature of this reality is a complete mirror. If you are angry about captivity, you are in some sort of captivity. If you are dissatisfied with a lover’s ability to love have you checked your own heart’s pulse? Do you resent your mother for bringing you here or treating you a certain way? Because you realize you chose all these lessons for growth and not to be disabled by them, correct? 

So please don’t cry for our departure from Earth. Our spirit remains and the exit was written in the Stars. And don’t overlook our magical ability to return if we so desire, if the conditions suit us. I believe your scientists call that a Lazarus species. Enjoy your time on this planet, every morsel of every moment. We surely have. All our love, the Yangtze River Dolphins. 

The Yangtze River Dolphin was labeled “functionally extinct” by the scientific community in 2006. The species is also referred to as Baiji, or more colloquially “Goddess of the Yangtze.” There have been proposed yet undocumented sightings since then of the Baiji, who became threatened by China’s rapid industrialization.