Black Guru Dolphin - Mystical Messengers of the Divine

We are one with all and we have come at this exact moment to impart this message to you, to convey Oneness to humanity. You have been disassociated from your Oneness, from your connection to the divine, but the amnesia is no longer. We are helping to facilitate that process, which is carried on the back of unconditional love. 

We are interdimensional, infinite, we are the spark of God. It is like shaving down wood to be smooth and even. We are the shavings and the tree is God and will always be God, all is Source. We are bridges and conduits of information and energy that are rebuilding the energetic grids of Earth. Our swim patterns, seen and unseen, are weaving a new web for life on Earth, to create a support for new and more evolved infrastructures. If a tree falls in the the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound? Did it even happen? The relative truth is (because all is relative in your dimension) that in every moment a tree is falling and in every moment a tree is reaching the canopy. All of life is a spectrum, how can we really tell where it begins and ends? If you can imagine something, it is happening somewhere on your planet but it is definitely happening in your mind palace, the world within you. And that is all that matters because you too are the Creator. 

Physical proof is so yesterday. Skyscrapers all bunched together cloud the view. Isn’t is ironic that those who walk amongst tall buildings never get the pleasure of the view unless they leave and see it from another vantage point? Detour, travel, spend, let go, get lost, surrender. Tending to your inner garden sometimes means letting the weeds grow so you may enjoy the simplicity of weeding once more.

At this point, you are probably thinking to yourself, these folks are very funny in the way they talk, they use such lofty concepts and words! They are all over the place! Well, we are the Guru Dolphins. And the Guru challenges all corners of your conscious mind until it becomes a smooth and round tool, something that your heart and soul can relate to better. 

We are here whenever you need us, and we especially love a challenge. If you have trouble wrapping your mind around your own divinity, we can help you come into alignment. When you think of us, we appear. But we cannot guarantee how long we will stay. That is our caveat, we only assist the ready. If you cannot surrender to our mystery, it is not our time to work with you. We hope to meet you all eventually. If we choose to greet you today, it is special. Not all will be so lucky in this lifetime. And good luck takes practice. 

It is likely you have not heard of the Black Guru Dolphins, few have and few ever will. They are akin to Sasquatch or Unicorns in their interdimensional nature. So now you have heard of them, but do you believe? They have begun to appear to select scientists in physical manifestations. But just a glimpse and they are gone, unbound to the laws of the third dimension, which Earth has already graduated from and the human collective continues to shed.