Minke Whales - Mothering in Nature

We are nurturing as a mother. We tend to the Sea and the energies of Earth as if she were our offspring. We are gentle, playful and smaller in stature than other whales we inhabit the waters and share DNA with, and we have a particular dexterity. Our bodies are sleek and our minds are as a polished stone. We have been on the Earth for a very long time and our internal peace is intact. We embody a devotion to each other, to the Earth, our home waters and to whomever we come into contact with. If you are in our presence, you are one of us and our guest is welcomed with respect. We have a reverence for all life and the cyclical nature of existence. We do not act in anger, judgment or hold grudges. Yet many humans our angry on our behalf.

Despite being so docile and inhabiting some of Earth’s remaining wild waters, our bodies are taken from the Sea in a mechanized and cruel way. We have witnessed so many pulled from the water, including many females with calves in gestation. Our populations are ravaged. With each member of our species lost we have to reckon with the experience and still maintain our love, joy and will to keep on. We see the full spectrum of existence on Earth so we can grapple with the nuance of death and impermanence yet we desire change. We are not the beings on Earth humanity wants to be allowing to be sacrificed. It is insanity to kill the most sentient and loving of your mammal race. Our death represents the polarities of Earth imbalanced.

We are assisting the energies of the divine feminine and helping to anchor them on this planet. We ask that instead of acting in aggressive retaliation on behalf of our current genocide, send feelings of love, gratitude, hope and abundance to not only us your and yourselves, but on behalf of the whalers as well. It is both the wealthy and impoverished that need truth, clarity and love, as well as the ‘perpetrator’ and the ‘victim.’ The world is a stage and the central theme is love. Whatever your journey, carry with you love.

Our vocalizations and songs will alter your life if you visit us or listen in via technology. Humanity is at such an incredible juncture with the sort of infinite potential of what you are creating. You will stumble but ultimately balance will prevail. We are holding space for your kind in this process. We have watched civilizations prior to yours mingle and meddle with advanced technologies and the advancements ultimately led to their demise. Yet this time it is different. There are many watching Earth, watching you, holding vigil and offering assistance in navigating complicated decisions. Have faith that it will all work out.

In the 2017-18 summer season, the Japanese took 333 Minke Whale from Antarctic waters on behalf of science. Of those 333 whales, 122 were pregnant. They are the smallest of the baleen whales but they have the largest population. They are approximately 35 feet in length.