Right Whales - We are from the Stars

We are vessels and facilitators of information. The patterns on our bodies have significance; they mimic the stars and reveal insights about us individually. Our origin is in the stars and now we are choosing to dwell in a watery world. Whales are the record keepers of Earth, and we Right Whales really participate in this process from our different positions on the planet and during our migrations. We have been here for such a long ‘time;’ we have seen so many human civilizations rise and fall. Thus we have created a system of archiving information which also organizes and coordinates Earth’s sentient energies and inhabitants. This ensures that wisdom isn’t lost when humanity is experiencing a reset, traumatic event or individuals aren’t allowed autonomous thought and expression. The ascension of Earth is tied up in human karmic events. We have chose to assist in spearheading care for the data archives of Earth. This helps facilitate the release of humans and flora and fauna from the influence from unbalanced energies. We are participating in the ascension of Earth. Can you feel it?

Life on this planet is all about accumulating and interpreting data, and data is representational of vibrational energies. Knowledge, wisdom, practice, insight, devotion, acceptance surrender, love etc. can all be accessed with varying degrees of data accumulated. Data is like the gold coins of experience in the video game of life. The more you learn how to find, retrieve and use the gold coins, the better access you get to other levels and dimensions of experience and understanding. Data is like bread crumbs, something tactile that represents a more metaphysical concept that you drop along the way to find your path back home. Life is not about obtaining but remembering your infinite and divine nature. Carving the space to align more and more with your true self and vibration with each sunrise. To understand the wholeness of everyone and that we are all one. You are here to discern what resonates most with you and then flow along with the ‘work’ that brings your soul the most joy. Misinformation has been spread for far too long that life is not meant to be enjoyed. When you fail to recognize suffering as mere experience, an opportunity to learn and collect data, or gold coins if you will, joy and peace are difficult to visualize. It is the acceptance of all of life’s scenarios and learning how to flow as the Ocean current that liberates you.

Life is not a buffet where you can choose only sweet fruits. It is a perfectly curated meal prepared according to all of your dietary and nutritional needs. You ordered the plate in its perfection before you came here, but it’s been so long you might not remember placing the order. We all come from the stars. Where do you think you are right now?

The North Atlantic Right Whales inhabit the North Atlantic on the Eastern Shore of North America and migrate to breeding grounds in Florida. They are severely threatened because of heavy shipping traffic and entanglement with fishing equipment. The Southern Right Whales reside in the Southern Hemisphere. The North Pacific Right Whale is very rare. All three populations have been affected by whaling, but mostly the North Pacific and Atlantic Right Whales. They acquired their name from being the ‘right’ whale to hunt because of the ample blubber and buoyancy.

Right Whales are genetically similar to the Bowhead Whales. The distinctive white patches on their head are sea lice. All three species of Right Whale are migratory.