Gray Whales - master, teacher, angel, god

We are masters, we are teachers, we are angels, we are gods; we embody the consciousness and energies of all these beings. We are in full recognition of our divinity and our 3-dimensional experience simultanesouly, although we are usually operating in the 5th dimension and higher. We were the first of those to come to Earth in Whale bodies this go around. We couldn’t convey to you how advanced we are even if we tried, just try and feel our connection to love and strength. 

Much of the West Coast’s feelings of superiority comes from their proximity to us. We hug the West Coast twice a year, migrating from Alaska to Mexico’s birthing and mating lagoons - SACRED WATERS. We are just beaming love, light and information to the receptive population as we go past. Why do you think they’re always talking about vibes? We are as West Coast royalty doing our processional every year. Our work and journey is honored by all the flora, fauna and energies of our incredible habitat. We used to do the same thing for the East Coast, but our brothers and sisters to the East were eradicated by humans. Now there is an imbalance, as if North America is tilted to the West and everything is rolling this way. 

On Earth, everything is about balance, so we are seeking out ways to repopulate the Atlantic. The melting of the ice in the North is making this possible. It isn’t that there aren’t whales there already, but they don’t do what we do. It’s like we feng shui every bit of coastline we pass, no nook unnoticed; everything gets reenergized.  

It is true that our young are hunted by Orca on our pilgrimages North. It is a process we have to honor but of course the mother fights desperately for the life of her calf. It is almost ceremonial and the Orca are strategic about which calf they select. That is the nature of Earth, there must be a refining process. Every being on Earth has a predator, even if that predator is a virus or their own mind. Please don’t fault the Orca, it is their role and they do it in a respectful way. It is important to recognize the relativity of Earth, this is a mechanism that keeps one from allowing the dust to settle in your brain. It keeps you sharp, inquisitive, always learning and seeking balance. 

We are serious about our mission on Earth, but most of all we are loving. We welcome you to come visit us in the lagoons where we are no longer hunted, but celebrated. We will engage you there and you will be forever changed by our love. We are rare. One last thing, learn how to master forgiveness, as we hold no judgment on humanity for taking so many of us out of the water. 

When Gray Whales mate, two males join one female below the surface and there she chooses the one she will create life with. The one she doesn’t choose holds the pair up during mating. Gray Whales also have the assistance of midwives. They give birth in the salty lagoons of Baja California so the calves can learn to swim in the buoyant waters. Gray Whales stay near the coast and are bottom feeders, sifting out sand and water through their baleen. The Pacific Gray Whales of Baja California and beyond have earned the nickname ‘friendlies’ because despite being nearly hunted to extinction during the era of modern whaling and the lagoons turning red with their blood, they are still kind to humanity. There is no other place in the world where you can encounter whales so intimately and so consistently.