Bowhead Whales - Gentle Giant Scientists

We prioritize peace. We find peace in the strength required to navigate cold waters and break through the ice, seeking what we cannot live without - air. Whales chose to come into the waters many moons ago from the land, thus we are consistently striking a balance between the two worlds; we require both land and sea to survive. We Cetaceans find the waters better suited for our work, and it is necessary for Bowhead Whales to be near the planet’s poles to assist in balancing Earth’s energies (a very simplistic description of what we actually do here).

We embody a sort of nonchalance about things. You won’t see us get really worked up or doing a lot of flashy acrobatics. We like to keep pace, move in time with the pulse of the Ocean and our breath. We are akin to your scientists or mathematicians, taking measurements in a lab and then going home to a modestly decorated apartment for a quiet meal. We even eat modestly, with the majority of our diet being krill - some of the sea’s smallest creatures.

We came to Earth with a specific mission and our lives are devoted to our work (and we enjoy it). We take time to play in our own way, but we prefer to be diligently task-oriented. We enjoy our work so much, the exercise of our minds and seeking solutions, that we are actually quite satisfied. We would explain more to you about what we do but it gets pretty complicated. If you have further interest in the equations of Earth, balancing poles/energies, general Earth systems and their maintenance, free to ask us, we will gladly give you more detail.

In your life, find what brings you peace and aligns with your Soul, there you will find satisfaction and loyalty to something beyond you. Yet always be flexible, willing to change and go with the tides. Earth is changing quite rapidly at the moment, she is going through a metamorphosis that requires us to be diligent and willing to get outside of our comfort zones and get creative. All the power you’ve ever needed is inside of you and always available to you; you have an infinite supply from your bottomless well of abundant strength. Tap into that and brace yourself for an exciting journey.

Bowhead Whales reside in plentiful Arctic and sub-Arctic Oceans. Bowhead Whales used to be confused with Right Whales but now inhabit their own genus. They have a very distinct body structure with pronounced, curved mouths and a tongue that can weigh up to one ton! They are slow swimmers and move in small pods.