Rough-toothed Dolphins - We Feel You

We are vocal creatures. We make lots of clicks and vibrations in the water for many reasons. First of all, its healthy and fun. Our expressive vocalizations run through our bodies and cleanse our systems, similar to humans singing or listening to music, particularly that with lots of percussion. Don’t underestimate the benefits of your most primal tendencies: dancing, foraging, humming, singing, breathing. In your world it is all too easy to overlook your basic maintenance, but that is the secret to your well being; you often call this self care. We have to make more of an effort to breath in our environment so it keeps us aligned and centered. Secondly, our vocalizations detect food and objects in the water, our proximity to things, our formation, etc. We can also disorient our food source with the clicks making the hunt more successful. One of the last uses of our clicking language is scanning, similar to an X-ray but more effective. We can detect any idiosyncrasy, cancer, broken bone, disruption in blood flow, negative thought or belief system, etc.

As this point, we have to be more diligent in tending to our physical bodies as there are more pollutants, ocean traffic and fishing. We are surely managing though and continuing to live gracefully despite new challenges. Living on Earth is all about how you navigate your circumstances and your reaction to them as opposed to resentment over change. With every corner you turn in life there is a new opportunity, window, door, experience or being to meet. If you are only looking at your feet in despair and resistance to the old washing away and the new taking residence in your life, you will become stagnant, depressed and unhealthy. Let life flow through you, don’t resist the current! Embrace change and migration in all its many forms. The Earth are humanity are healing, we promise.  

We feel you, we see your soul, we can know you intimately if you connect with us. Don’t fear our insight, but embrace it. We are hear to assist you on your journey. We heal with our clicks. Some of us are even in captivity to gain proximity to your species! Let us show you how to return back to your knowingness, how to once again access your intuition and inner voice. This is imperative in understanding yourself, your role and your narrative. We know why we are on Earth, do you?

Rough-toothed dolphins live in moderate waters all over the world. They are often confused with Bottle-nosed dolphins in the wild as they have similar frames but the Rough-toothed dolphins have a very unique and elongated jaw structure. They eat a variety of fish, octopus and squid and their only predators are Orca and Humans. Scientists are learning about them in captivity but there is still a lot of mystery regarding their activity in the Wild.