Narwhals - Magic is Everywhere

Every magical being you have ever heard of exists. If it has been thought or mentioned, it exists, in some form or another. Thought and belief manifests into reality, like in your cultural lore, Santa Claus is able to fly because all the children believe in him. Even if Santa isn’t really a man in the physical world delivering gifts to children via flying reindeer, people choose to embody that spirit and generously give to children around Christmas. Whether Santa Claus exists or not is irrelevant, the spirit of Santa surely does. 

The modern world has elevated data and prediction over intuition and knowingness. And that is fine, it is a learning process, but amazing things will begin to happen on Earth when humans choose to balance both science and acceptance of the unknown. It is happening in your literature, for instance the genre of magical realism - that is more the nature of life. Certain cultures still foster the magic because they are still in touch with the old ways, they haven’t given into a whitewashed existence where they allow others to tell them what they should think and where every ounce of their food comes from a box. Life is about magic and the idea that you don’t have to explain everything away. Miracles happen, synchronicity is everywhere, you are a divine being. 

Magic and beauty are being stripped from the modern world like your forests are being cut to make single-use toilet paper. It is truly absurd. Humans have hampered their ability to see the incredible abundance right in front of them. They go to a movie to escape to something wonderful and yet everything they really needed to be happy is right within their reach. They are not living in gratitude, which stifles the heart’s ability to love and the mind’s ability to be imaginative. Everything feels as a struggle, when it is actually really light and designed perfectly for them.

Your world is currently obsessed with unicorns, yet we are the living, breathing unicorns of the Sea! Is that not enough magic to inspire? Maybe there should be more movies made about us so our spirit can move more fluidly through your hearts. We live in the cold waters yet provide such a warm love. Our main objective is to balance the energies of the planets and we would love for you and your human tribe to join us in these endeavors. Join us in engaging the magic of life. Imagine you have a beautiful horn if you are in need of extra courage and inspiration. 

Narwhals are most closely related to the Belugas. They reside in Arctic waters and their spiral tusk is an elongated canine tooth; males have a tusk along with a small percentage of females. They eat mostly fish, shrimp and squid and are sometimes hunted by Orca and Inuit.