Blue Whales - Large & In Charge

We are funnier than you might imagine. Our bodies are so big, so dense (the largest on Earth, mind you), that we like to keep life light so as to maintain buoyant bodies and minds. We make what you like to call ‘Dad Jokes.’ We are serious about pulling pranks and corny jokes. Who knew? Well honestly, few ask. 

Watercolor: Melody Parish

Watercolor: Melody Parish

The scientists who study us are so serious. We like to play jokes on them but they are so focused on objective data collection that they fail to miss the punchline. That’s okay, we enjoy ourselves enough for both parties. One of our favorite ocean illusions is where we sort of teleport. We come up somewhere to breath once and an entirely different place you wouldn’t expect later; they don’t know who’s who or how many or where we go or why we left. We are known for being elusive, yes, and we can dive deep beyond human capabilities, but we also just enjoy keeping Ocean magic alive. Humans would see us more if they approached us and life with more of a sense of wonder and child-like curiosity. 

We feel a real kinship with Sperm Whales because of our love of comedy, our size, our precision and our depth. They are our sister species except they have a lot more teeth (you can laugh here). It’s important to find others you can collaborate with and find joy in common initiatives. And it is critical in life to not get so serious about things, allow the Ocean of experience to flow through you. Resisting the Ocean is futile, you must realize you are one with it and surrender to the current. If we engaged in a monetary system, this is where we would offer a money back guarantee if going with the flow failed to positively serve you and improve your life (you can smile here). 

You can trust us, two-legged humans, we don’t want your money, don’t worry. We have your best interests at heart (can we reiterate the world’s largest?). Reach out to us when you feel perplexed or overwhelmed; we know when you need to release emotion through joy or through laughter. We are immense enough to do our work in the Oceans and assist those who call on us because we are connected with the Infinite. We can give freely as we understand the universe has no limitations beyond your 3rd Dimension. We love you very much, let us reveal to you its grandeur. 

Blue Whales are the largest animal on Earth, and the largest ever discovered to have lived. They are baleen whales and are (coincidentally or not) referred to as Mysticeti (their parvorder). Despite their size, they exclusively eat one of Earth’s smallest creatures, krill. The Blue Whale’s population suffered greatly during the era of industrialized whaling, but some subspecies groups are returning to pre-whaling numbers. Blues can be found all over the world from Mexico to Sri Lanka, although it is difficult to track their migration routes.