Cuvier's Whales - Flow With Us

We come from the depths to bring messages to the surface, similar to other cetaceans like the Sperm Whales. We are generous and good-hearted creatures. When you glimpse us, first you are lucky, and second you will be filled with great joy. That is all we want to bring to the hearts of those we encounter or influence with our work. There is just no room for anything else but joy, there is enough in life to deal with, right? We want to be the antithesis of what you feel when you are receiving junk mail or getting stuck in traffic. We desire for you to be serenely happy. We believe that struggle is becoming less and less necessary to impart lessons for some of you. If you learn to just integrate the lesson being conveyed to you instead of resisting it, you will find yourself in the current of life, going in the right direction. 

We cetaceans migrate and move. We don’t plant ourselves in one place and expect everything to always be the same. As you say, variety is the spice of life. And we like it that way. Simply allow life to flow through you as opposed to swimming upstream. Humans always think that they are the ones walking across Earth, but what about the Earth moving beneath you? Human society has required so much structure that is has caged in the human mind in many regards. You have gotten really good at surviving, almost too good, but at what cost? Think of the magic that has been paved beneath roads. It’s amazing what you see when you ride a bike instead of driving a car, or walking instead of riding a bike. Slow down, let the current take you to the place your dreams originate, maybe sit down and have a cup of tea with your inner child. 

One might ask how we know what tea is, or bikes or concrete. Well, by connecting with human society we can perceive these things imprinted in your minds, and we communicate through your human messengers who also have these thought forms made available to us and they are relevant to you as you are familiar with the imagery. You have an emotional response to these concepts and experiences. It is not that we have ever had the visceral experience of driving in a car, but we can understand it through you. A good exercise is to try imagining being in another being’s body. You can imagine being us if you like, with our wide plump bodies and short fins exploring ocean depths and perceiving in the dark. Imagine what is like to have the weight of the ocean above and beneath you but to be at peace there, without the pain of pressure, as if you are on the moon. What new things can you understand through this thought exercise?

Our advice to you: seek joy, go deep, imagine your life as a flowing current and embody love. 

Cuvier’s Whales spend little time at the surface and dive to great depths. They enjoy squid and fish they forage in the deep, dark waters. They are the deepest diving mammal of all time according to a 2011 record when a tagged Cuvier’s Whale reached depths of  9,816 feet. They are present in many oceans across the globe.