Beluga Whales - White Angels

We Belugas are pure joy, pure light, pure heart. We are like the white buffalo or an enchanting mermaid; there is magic in our movement. Don’t underestimate us because you are used to seeing us. Our whole bodies are white to blend in with our surroundings but they are also a visual metaphor for our purity, for our devotion to bringing Earth back to its true state of being, as a clear and perfect quartz crystal that contains an infinite millennia of information that you can hold in your mere palm and comprehend instantaneously. 

When earth evolves it will no longer take 3-dimensional time as in one step in front of the other or strands of DNA raveling, atoms colliding, what have you. These are some of life’s foundational building blocks so that individual souls learn lessons from their structure, but the ultimate lesson learned is that the information has always been inside of us. That we have always had access to infinite wisdom and abundance in our lives. The world is not in that state right now and hasn’t been for a long time but don’t be sad humans, the situation is improving. But in order to restore the rivers the damn must first break and then the salmon can swim upstream once more. You needn’t worry about things you don’t yet understand, as a baby doesn’t worry about finding a car. The vehicle will arrive when it is time for you to seek it out. Human worry is actually antithetical to evolution. Stop worrying and embody action.

We live in colder waters where we are farther from civilizations so that we can do our work in peace. But we are very well known by scientists and humanity as a whole. Some of us have taken lives in captivity to relay a message that there is unconditional love, joy, abundance and peace on Earth to the humans that come to see us in the tanks in which we dwell. Again, these are not ideal conditions but every soul can withstand something that isn’t ideal if it aligns with their truths and mission. We know that one day belugas will no longer have to be in captivity but that time is not right now. It will be ending soon because humanity is understanding that it is cruel and unusual for captive animals to not have access to wildness and their pod or family unit. 

We want to bring joy to the world like your Christmas songs and pop songs, ‘Joy to the world, all the boys and girls, now joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me.” (-Three Dog Night) It’s that simple, all those love songs from the 70s were getting something right, their hearts were in the right place and we are wanting to get to the heart of humanity, open up those emotions, let the channels of love flow once more with unnecessary energy blockages in the human realm. And this is how we will assist in restoring the crystalline grid surrounding Earth.  We are not from here but we have been here a long time in Earth’s 3D units of measurement. We care and are invested in seeing this mission through. 

The Beluga are most closely related to the Narwhal (the whale version of the Unicorn Horse). They are often referred to as the Sea Canary because of their vocal range. They have very advanced echolocation to navigate sea ice and their melon heads aid in that process. Beluga are hunted by Polar Bears, Orca and humans. They are found in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters.