Omura's Whales - Magic in Secrecy

Watercolor: Melody Parish

Watercolor: Melody Parish

We are so large yet we manage to go unnoticed most of the time. We have much in common with the other rorquals in our baleen family of whales, yet we don’t engage humanity as much. Scientists know little about us and we prefer it that way. We do our Earth magic in secret, undetected, in our power. We feel as though we work more effectively under the radar. That isn’t always the case for other whales, we just have different missions. Some whale kingdoms are here to directly interact with humanity. But we help uplift humanity in a roundabout way; our primary allegiance is to Earth at this time and maintaining and balancing polarities. And that’s about all we’d like to say about that. 

All animal kingdoms are relatively secretive with the exception of those who chose to live a life of domestication. Their lives are on display so humans can glimpse their inner-workings, the genuine and loving nature in which they operate. But for the most part, animals act in secret to protect themselves and their clans, but also in reverence to the specific medicine they offer this planet. Every being on Earth holds a sacred piece of the puzzle, even humans. Dear human, it is your responsibility and yours alone to be true to yourself and act in accordance with your authentic nature so you can find peace AND contribute to the balance of the planet (it is a joy to work when you are in harmony and alignment with your soul’s mission). 

Many things on Earth must be done in secret because there are those not ready to accept peace, love, balance and a heavenly state of being. If one is not ready to accept these things they will sabotage the efforts. If heaven is a place you think you are going may we remind you heaven is state of mind. There is heaven on Earth right now in the physical. We know everyone has at least glimpsed it, whether that be through romantic love or the love of a child, maybe a sunset over the Ocean or an orchard blossoming in Spring. Whatever it be, heaven is a choice right now; your own little secret nirvana, a mind palace that contains your joy. What are the rituals you do in secret, however ‘insignificant,’ that prepare you to enter civilization each day, allowing you to be the best version of yourself that you may offer your gifts to others? Honor those rituals and yourself. Think of us when you feel your efforts aren’t validated. Nothing goes unnoticed, no gesture unthanked. 

Scientists know very little about Omura’s Whale, and what they do know the Japanese learned in the past couple decades. But their ‘scientist’s’ method of data collection involves capturing and killing these majestic marine mammals. It took until 2003 to publish a scientific description of Omura’s Whale because of little DNA evidence and similarities to Bryde’s Whale. Their dorsal fin isn’t prominent when breathing and their blow doesn’t reach high into the air, adding to their elusiveness.