Tucuxi - Ancient Wisdom

Watercolor: Melody Parish

Watercolor: Melody Parish

We are guardians. We protect the lands, the rituals, the people, the wisdom of our region. If we were in a different form you would immediately know our power; you might want to worship us as we have knowledge and abilities more advanced than humans. So we take a disarming form, as our kind knows worshipping serves nothing but the extreme ego (not all ego is bad), and it is a futile way to shift consciousness. Free will effects rapid change and growth, as opposed to a collective psyche influenced by one rigid idea or person. We believe in autonomy. 

Shamanism (true shamanism, don’t be confused coopted versions tangled in ego) is a vehicle of self discovery and exploration with the assistance of the medicines of the plant and animal kingdoms in conjunction with special human beings that respect individual freedom and live without judgment or agenda. A proper Shaman guides you into other worlds and brings you back, unscathed and changed in consciousness. There are a lot of frauds in your world, we are also guardians of authenticity. Just as we detect fish in murky waters to nourish our physical bodies, we can discern what is true, relevant and necessary at this point in time to our planet’s alignment and trajectory. We work with the stars and the soil, the plants on the edge of our watery world to craft an energetic calculation of what our region needs and that reverberates out, like a ripple effect. Just because you aren’t aware of something or haven’t observed it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, maybe even right in front of you! There are many things a parent does for a child that the young being can’t articulate gratitude for because they have no context of a certain responsibility requiring action. They are only to enjoy their naivety and grow in peace. 

We enjoy our lives. We get to witness a lot of good magic in our daily tasks and tangibly assist Earth and her inhabitants. There is a powerful dichotomy in our sector of the planet right now as many ‘resources’ are being extracted and cities are overflowing. But there are still so many humans cognizant of our magic here and assisting us in protecting their birthright to access their DNA blueprint, ancient wisdom, sacred ritual - all metaphors for planetary peace and unconditional love. Every path leads in the same direction. Discovering your true nature and authentic mission should be your upmost priority in this lifetime, it’s getting easier each day for you to do so despite what your society tells you. Refrain from listening to people who say things are impossible. 

Tucuxi Dolphins live in the Amazon River in small groups alongside the Boto. They are a unique as they live in fresh water. They can literally get tangled up in the fishing equipment of the people they live alongside but they also get caught up in their lore, mysticism, superstition and traditional medicine. Some see them as a bad omen, some see them as a river goddess, while others want to harvest their bodies to sell as medicine. In such a seemingly complicated and dense place as the Amazon it is no wonder the culture surrounding the Tucuxi is equally as nuanced. They are a mirror, a metaphor for what affects the Amazon River and its adjacent lands.