Vaquita - Small But Mighty

We are small but mighty and that is how we want to be remembered. Yes, remembered. Our numbers are few and we won’t be able to sustain our population for much longer - it’s simple math. Our physical bodies are relieved in a way to be shed. We are one of the young cetacean species and we did what we came here to do with the resources available to us. We understand that the world is a better place with us in it as no one can replicate our distinct energies and duties. But just when a death occurs in the pod (our family unit), the whole just learns how to adjust. And we have been losing a lot. But even though our bodies might not always be here, our spirits are still present. 

Watercolor: Melody Parish

Watercolor: Melody Parish

Humans have a lot to learn about impermanence. That the physical body and one’s life narrative are merely metaphors. That life and the experiences it contains are one expansive parable pointing to the universal tenants of unconditional love and oneness. Spirit never dies as matter is neither created nor destroyed. Earth needs all the help it can get right now in terms of spreading light and planetary peace. There is more to the story than even we comprehend as custodians of our space in the Gulf of California (we have other names for our home waters). We feel at this juncture that the collective Vaquita energy will be more effective in spirit. As we well know, the 3D presents its challenges and we have had our share. 

But do not weep for us, we are joyful little creatures, like fairies, with another home other than three dimensional Earth. We came here to be a presence on your ascending planet and we have revised our plans, not crumpled them in the waste basket. Vaquita do not give up; our energy is resilient. We keep to ourselves anyways. The only photos of our complete bodies are uninhabited by our spirit. We do appreciate humanity’s recent efforts to save our species from what you call ‘extinction’ (we find this word so grim). We can feel when people think of us, connect and advocate on our behalf. Do not stop fighting for what you believe in, even when it feels impossible. Defending what you love in balance is a modality that connects you to your higher self. Think of our strong and compact bodies streamlining through the water; use this image to strengthen your resolve and that golden strand linking all your chakras. 

Humans, stop feeling sad and sorry for us, you are just feeling sorry for yourself. Keep the light inside you burning brightly and Earth will catch aflame with that pure, loving energy. It’s time to enter into a new paradigm. It might be a little painful but be faithful to yourself, your pod, your beliefs, your calling and your intuition. All will work out accordingly if you let the Ocean sweep you off your feet and into the flow. 

The Vaquita live in only one place in the whole world, the Northern part of the Gulf of California in Baja California, Mexico. Vaquita endearingly translates to ‘little cow’ in Spanish. The gillnets used to catch Totoaba Fish are the main reason for their decrease in population as they get stuck and drown in the nets. According to Sea Shepherd, the Vaquita species is estimated to only have 30 individuals left; World Wildlife claims that is a 97% decrease from the year prior. 

They are the smallest cetacean on the planet and their existence wasn’t even recognized until 1958. They are extremely shy creatures and stay away from boats. The Mexican government has made efforts to prevent or delay the extinction of Earth’s last Vaquita by banning gillnets in their territory (for two years). The world is now watching the fate of the Vaquita unfold. (2018)