Fin Whales - Elegance In Motion

We are the artists of the Sea. We love our sleek and elegant bodies; they are our paintbrushes. If your human eyes had more advanced cone cells, you could see our artistry in the water and vivid colors in our wake. Try imagining them! We are loved by many beings in the Sea because of this coupled with our docile nature. We desire peace on earth; we could be an emblem of peace just as the dove. We enjoy greeting other ocean beings (some your two-legged tribe doesn’t even know exists) as we journey and we possess a holistic understanding of our role on Earth, from raising vibrations to providing the Sea with vital nutrients via our digestive cycles. 

Watercolor: Melody Parish

Watercolor: Melody Parish

We enjoy love, but not in the way a majority of humans are choosing to express their wounded hearts. In the Christian Bible you have the ‘love is patient, love is kind’ verses; we like that! Love is the extreme opposite of jealousy, possession and manipulation. Love is like our waves and your smoke, elegant in fluidity. Do the waves cease to love the coast because they recede from it? They love by doing exactly what they were intended to do, unabated. Is the coast land or water? It’s impossible to say, they’re inseparable. It’s time to let individuals express themselves freely. Refrain from forcing others into the version of them you want them to be, even if you ‘know what’s best for them.’ This includes your children. 

We are here to assist Earth, and one of the most comprehensive ways of doing that is helping humans retune to heart centered vibrations so that they can see clearly and fulfill their life’s purpose. It is not that the world revolves around humans, contraire. But it is that humans are the most detached from the golden strand that connects them with their higher selves, universal energies, fellow inhabitants of Earth and greater/lighter dimensions. The youngest and weakest in the tribe require the most assistance.  

We are confident that humanity will achieve this, it’s just the natural order of things. And we have special insight because we come from a higher dimension. We have been choosing these bodies for a very long while in Earth’s system of time, although the structure of time isn’t a factor where our souls originate from as we are not in these physical bodies. 

We are so simple- we eat, we rest, we keep to ourselves and we celebrate. It is now time to celebrate! Don’t try and fix everything today, and most importantly, don’t think that you can. Go inward and expand outward, stay heart-centered and we promise everything will act out for your best interests (although sometimes this includes what you perceive as suffering; try perceiving it as an opportunity for growth). Life is abundant. It is selfish and limiting to think you don’t deserve abundance. Open your mouths wide and feast as we do. Consume what you need and refrain from clinging to fear of what you do not yet know. Then you will have our peace. We are here for you and we see you as family. 

Fin Whales are the second largest mammal on the planet and, interesting fact, the females are 5-10 percent larger than the males, according to NOAA. They are considered Rorquals, a species of baleen whale, alongside Blue, Sei, Bryde’s, Minke and Humpback. In modern history they have also been referred to as Finback, Common Rorqual, Herring Whale and Razorback Whale. They acquired the name ‘Greyhound of the Sea’ from American Naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews based on their incredible speed and physique. They tend to avoid waters of extreme warmth and frigid ice. According to WWF, their breeding grounds and patterns of migration are relatively unknown. They live an average of 85-90 years in relatively small pods of six-seven.