Sperm Whales - Pure Comedy to the Core/Keep it Light

Who could tolerate a name like Sperm Whale besides someone who looks like us? We surely have a sense of humor about things, as an old man who has endured war and famine can still bring and share laughter. We admit, we look a little funny with our tiny fins and giant heads, but our bodies are perfectly curated for our needs and the needs of Earth. We have the velocity of a torpedo and the precision of a robotic arm. Our engineering is exact, down to the molecular level, so we can maintain stasis in the depths. We spend much time in the deep, sunless waters as few other mammals can survive that far down. 

Watercolor: Melody Parish

Watercolor: Melody Parish

We provide a particular service as we are able to get so close to inner Earth. We carry energetic messages from the center of Earth closer to the surface where they are easier to disperse and there are more beings to share the information. For example, the bird kingdom is fantastic at broadcasting messages. Inner Earth is like a beating heart; it is our Source as Sun is our Source. They are as mirror images of each other. When you connect to your heart center or the planet’s center, that is where you will feel in balance and in your power.

Spirituality doesn’t just exist in the realm of the clouds - your crown chakra and your root chakra are connected, inseparable. Artists weren’t meant to be starving and CEO’s glutinous, there is a balance to be struck in each individual’s life. Put your hands in the soil and you will touch heaven. The meditation technique of sending a grounding cord from the base of your spine to the center of Earth is particularly helpful as well. 

All the messages that radiate from Earth are unique but of the same substance and theme. This planet is brimming with biodiversity and we comprehend the detail and nuance that needs to be taken into account. Mother Earth is healing and ascending, more rapidly than ever, but the solutions and information are becoming more detailed. We Sperm Whales can channel the molecular make up of each being and region, comprehending how best to synthesize the information and who would deliver it most accurately. It’s like we are the angelic postmen of the Sea (really advanced postmen). We are custodians of the new era and are excited to share in the joy of your realization of your unique soul’s signature and divinity. 

Sperm Whales are unique and they meticulously curate. They enjoy teaching and collaborating with the human race, always conveying their prowess, intelligence and IMMENSE love. In modern history, humanity hunted Sperm Whales for the special wax substance in their heads, Spermaceti. It has a myriad of applications, but perhaps the most unsettling is why Russia hunted them in the mid 20th century. Spermaceti is a high heat oil used in producing intercontinental ballistic missiles. Oh the irony! Unfortunately, Spermaceti oil is still harvested today based on a high demand from the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries of certain countries. 

But Sperm Whales don’t want to dwell on this and prefer humanity not to either. They advocate for positive thoughts and creative action. The human mind cages itself in when confronted with despair, but it capable of concocting incredible solutions when it feels infinite and inspired. Sperm Whales are huge and heavy but they feel light, and lightness will lovingly usher humanity into a new paradigm.