Orca Whales/Killer Whales - We are Black and White

We see clearly despite the murky waters we can inhabit. There are many types of Orca but our common thread is our distinctive, contrasting color and pattern. There is actually an overarching theme amongst all black and white animals of earth - we toe the line of this dimension and others. Orca visually represent the seeming paradox of consciousness in the 3rd dimension, that everything is a dichotomy; an either/or. This perceived polarity is what stunts the soul, cementing it into place, like religious codes or government mandates would desire. There is no silver bullet to ‘fix’ the ‘problems’ of Earth, no rule book to swear by 100 percent of the time, but that scenario is enticing to humans who are used to authority and not thinking for themselves. They would rather go on autopilot until their lifetime is through. 

Watercolor: Melody Parish

Watercolor: Melody Parish

We are by no means advocating for anarchy, us Orca thrive in structure, routine, ritual and migration - that is the way of Mother Earth. What we are encouraging humans to do is heed the promptings of their inner voice, intuition and guides. It is imperative at this time, although we recognize the challenge. Like shipping traffic, sonar and blasting affect our ability to audibly communicate and use echolocation beneath the sea, wi-fi signals, certain rays and chemicals, the over-domestication of your food sources, even the evening news are impeding your connection to your higher self and your blueprints. What did you want to achieve in this life? 

Since we recognize the difficulty, we offer our assistance. And in helping humanity achieve harmony within, we are helping our populations as well as the entire planet. There is no distinction between us and you, it is merely perceived. Some beings can see us in our more expansive state, that our blackness and whiteness is an embodiment of Earth’s full spectrum of color (some your scientists have yet to discover). 

We Orca are often misunderstood; for instance, some of our populations hunt fellow marine mammals and this makes some humans uncomfortable as they relate to our higher consciousness and heart-centeredness. Other humans see us as competition because we share the same food source. Both of these ideas, on seemingly opposite sides of the table, are speaking from the singular perspective of the ego. How do you feel when someone assumes you did something maliciously instead of asking you why? It can be heartbreaking, and obvious the one questioning you failed to be discerning. 

The world is filled with seemingly complicated solutions to overwhelming ‘problems,’ but the more humans open up their hearts and mind’s eye, begin asking the right questions, begin perceiving themselves in a higher light, the simpler and more loving the process will become. Isn’t that what everyone wanted in the first place? You might find an answer in a building, you’ll likely find one gazing at the sea, but jump into the ocean and you just might see the light. 

Orca are prolific, swift and knowing. They have a special connection to humanity, being able to inhabit all the world’s oceans. They are so in tune with the rhythms of the planet, so psychically aware (not to mention confident in their abilities), that they can cut through human imposed boundaries of fear as their sharp teeth can articulate their food source. They pride themselves on their intelligence, both tactile and cosmic, as well as their inventive nature. 

They do not like captivity and see it as barbaric enslavement, completely dishonoring to their way of life, familial structures and sensitivities. They realize humanity is learning vital lessons from this process but believe captivity of their species in particular should and inevitably will come to an end soon. And it is worse for some whales more than others, for example, Keiko enjoyed her interactions with humanity yet Tilikum was very visceral about his dissatisfaction with his situation. Humans will always have access to Orca even without captivity; they honor those who make pilgrimages to meet them in the wild, study their ways and bask in the majesty of their oceanic royalty. They have evolved many times on this planet and would like to stay; this requires a collaborative effort.