Pilot Whales/Calderon Dolphins - We Dive Head First

We Pilot Whales are beings of action; we physically defend our philosophies and the sacred, often taking drastic measures to do so. We are like the monk who sets himself aflame to send a message. Humans will often pity us for this reason but our decisions come from a place of resolve, intention and a healthy pride. We look so unassuming but we are fierce, peaceful warriors, sometimes sacrificing our lives so that the message remains vivid in the collective human psyche. 

Watercolor: Melody Parish

Watercolor: Melody Parish

Earth feels unfair right now but restoration often does. If there is a damp, dark mold festering in your home you must gut the structure and make it new and beautiful once more. The two-legged consciousness is being gutted right now and a vast majority can't see past the demolition stage; they don't have access to the blueprints and many haven't even been into a well-crafted, well-curated home as a reference point. This is where trust comes in. We Pilots dive head first into situations, making it easier and easier every time. We don't cling to the physical reality because we can see multiple dimensions simultaneously and thus we are aware that nothing can break our spirits. Life requires that first leap of faith, off the cliff of adversity only to realize you didn't die, but you are thriving as a better version of yourself. 

If you see us beached along the coastline, do not mourn long. If our blood has spilled in the water, remember we consented to that battle of wills. We have a unique plan of action that may very well appear unfair, and frankly, it is, but that is not the aspect we dwell upon in these bodies. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Trust us humanity, we have more access to information than you, and we are not only aware of our cosmic connection but we utilize it as a tool. We are fighting the good fight for earth, and we come from all over the galaxy, some of us for very brief times, to bring our message of peace and balance. Our suffering is not our weakness, it is how we send a message without words to a saturated civilization. Earth is being restored to its rightful harmony. 

Pilot Whales are prolific on earth. They put humans at ease with their sleek bodies, melon heads and what appears to be a smile. They are strategically positioned all over the planet and go to where they are called when they are needed, almost like the army reserve or coast guard. They are some of the first responders to peril or when Ocean is is need of energetic repair. Their to do list is getting longer every year and Pilots are doing their best to keep up with the planet's needs. Yet they also make time for plenty of play, and procreation! Both are so vital to their survival as a species. Pilot whales are still recreationally hunted on the planet, and this will only cease when humanity goes through another shift in consciousness. Everything is connected, and if the paths of the Pilots were visible in colorful threads, the Earth would appear to be a giant ball of rainbow yarn. Isn't it a beautiful relief to think of all the things flora and fauna do in a day to maintain earth as humans potentially get absorbed in the minutiae of modern society?