Commerson’s Dolphins - Practical Application

We are a young, vibrant species. We move gracefully through the water and through life. We enjoy acrobatics and playful banter such as nudging each other and hiding food from others in the pod in a game of discovery. We are often compared to Orca because of our color pattern, but we tend to be a bit more light-hearted. Although we have both been subjected to captivity because of our willingness to help humanity connect more with themselves and their infinite nature.

We are here to assist you, dear humans, as fellow inhabitants of this beautiful Gaia library. The biodiversity here is astounding. At what point did your life become so mundane that you stopped seeing the magic all around you? It is available to you in every moment. Life did not become rigid and monotonous, you did, out of fear. Out of obligation to something that has nothing to do with you. Is a butterfly a fairy or an insect? Is a school of fish one soul moving in unison or many souls moving as one? Why does the distinction matter to you? Strip away your analytical mind and all that’s left is beauty, visual poetry, a big neon arrow pointing to the Divine.

Life flows, in many directions, but it always gives you the opportunity to find your balance. At first you might view life as a wave. There is a crest and a trough, ‘good’ times and ‘bad’. Depending on where you are surfing, that could be quite a drop! But we encourage you to instead view life as the tide gently moving in and out. You might not even notice it unless you are paying attention to the wet sand and creatures revealed. It is as subtle as the sound of bubbling water over smooth rock and through sea grass. That is quite the juxtaposition of dropping down from up high.

How do you go from perceiving the experiences of life in a good/bad dichotomy to discovering how to settle into life’s gentle tide, you ask? We are all about the practical application of cosmic concepts, so we will explain. It is rather simple. Live in gratitude. Breathe it in. Make it your practice. Gratitude is the aura billowing around love. Gratitude can fix any situation, allowing love to flow freely through you and your experience. Most importantly, be grateful to your lessons, especially the most difficult ones as they are refining your spirit and strengthening your resolve. When Jesus said ‘love your enemy,’ that involves a whole lot of gratitude to the lesson they are teaching you, albeit harsh. The faster you get to being grateful, the faster you can graduate from that experience and move onto something more conducive for your growth and expansion.

Our skin is black and white but we are not polarized because of our complexion. Humanity is still into boxes, labels, what ifs and he said/she said. Begin to embrace all of your experiences, your triggers, your harshest teachers and remain open; it’s okay to take baby steps if you need to. Be gracious with yourself and feel your old and rigid ways of being simply melt away. The Universe takes care of the difficult parts, all you have to decide is WHY. Why am I learning this? Why was put into my awareness and what can it teach me? Trust the tide as it washes what no longer serves you back out to Sea.

Commerson’s Dolphins are also referred to as Skunk Dolphins or Panda Dolphins. Their territory includes the Southern tip of South America and the Kerguelen Islands in the Indian Ocean. They are one of the smallest cetaceans at an average of 5 feet.