False Killer Whales - Self Mastery

We are happy and playful creatures of the Blue Sea. We love diving deep and retrieving and playing amongst the vegetation. We like to play with our food a bit, too, as we believe every act is divinely inspired if we will it so (while honoring the cycles of Earth). Souls choosing human form come to Gaia seeking answers, wanting to contribute, desiring a depth of connection, learning and mastery. Earth is not a place for the faint of heart, keep that in mind. Because it can get serious down here in this dimension, we remind you to keep having fun, perpetuate playfulness and dive into every moment.

We want to talk to you about living in the moment, and some practical applications of how to do so. We just used your word ‘mastery’ and we want to come back to that. Master a skill and you become aligned with creation. For example, if one chooses carpentry, they must gain a true understanding of something outside of themselves to co-create a useful object in union with the trees. Mastery of a skill leads to mastery of the self and mastery of the self opens one up to true freedom in this lifetime, and the diminishment of suffering. Earth is moving away from this paradigm of gratuitous suffering but it will always be a teacher of impermanence. If you train the brain as you train the hand, the higher self can come center stage.

One can also gain mastery through a diversity of experience. You do enough things to see the patterns and biomimicry. Your thumbprint is the spiral of the galaxy, your veins are as a river delta, the needs of a child are similar to the needs of the elderly yet both contain some necessary wisdom about living. You do not have to learn every discipline on the planet to begin to see the patterns, and via the patterns an equation to a harmonious life is revealed.

The concepts of love and gratitude keep one in the moment as well. Imagine your first, head over heels romantic love. Did you get much done on your to do list or were you clinging to the beauty of every second? You were spontaneous, joyful, mindful and present. Love is the resonant song of the universe and is the sweetest instructor of how to remain in the now. Oh, and gratitude, our hearts just flutter when we think of gratitude. Gratitude is like a switch flipping in the brain, it brings one into alignment with an authentic state of being. Gratitude isn’t pie in the sky, it illuminates everything that is supporting you in the present moment that you have forgotten or taken for granted while you were busy thinking self-deprecating thoughts or fearing the future. The whales are masters of love and gratitude, watch videos of us swimming in the Sea if you need assistance coming into alignment with higher vibrational thoughts like love and gratitude. And if you come swim with us, we dare you to not be present and let your mind wander elsewhere like the unfolded laundry, it’s virtually impossible.

Make more time for play, write more lists on what you’re grateful to today, love deeper and harder. These are the most important things we could ever suggest you prioritize.

False Killer Whales are not Killer Whales at all. They are a toothed whale but have long, sleek gray bodies. They prefer tropical waters and can form very large pods, sometimes with other species of cetaceans!