Our session brought me so much healing. 

The night before our session, I tossed and turned trying to escape the images in my head of her last moments and her burial. Part of me wanted to cement them in so I couldn’t ever possibly forget. 

Losing her was a profound experience. Never before had I been so present with her, savoring our last day together, or ever known how deeply my love could reach. Words cannot describe how deeply I did love her. I loved everything about her. Her big eyes, long tongue, soft ears. I hated visualizing her body covered in cold, wet dirt alone in the woods. 

I also loved her expressions, her demeanor, loyalty, the way she woke up slowly rolling around, watching her sprint to catch up with me on the trail after a good sniff. Our session helped me realize that what I loved about her most was her spirit, and I released the attachments to her physical body. I stopped visualizing her last moments and her body in the ground and was able to sleep soundly. 

I’m still healing, but I feel healed. I still miss her presence and waking up without her is difficult. Running without her for the first time was terrible. Though, I’m delighted to have connected with her little ‘sage’ spirit through you. The way you described it was perfect. It verbalized many things I had always felt about her. She really was a special dog. 

It was also great knowing how conscious and aware she was about her last day. I could release the guilt of ‘killing her’ and hearing how she wants me to move forward was a blessing. We’re now both off to bigger, better things, with each other’s love in tow. 



A simple visit to the vet turned my biggest fear into reality. My security in this world was once again rocked to the core. I reached out to Kristen in that very moment. She had helped me with Peanut before, and I needed her to speak to me past the diagnosis and medical treatments, past my own grief and fears, so that I could hear and see Peanut. Kristen did not hesitate to help me, and that evening as I struggled with questions of how could this happen to me after the year I’ve had, Kristen reminded me of the lessons Peanut was here to teach me, even in her leaving. In one of my darkest moments, Kristen’s gentle compassionate words helped transmute my fear, anger, destitution TO love, light, and gratitude, a lesson that the universe had been preparing me for many months. I spent the last remaining days we had together telling Peanut how much I loved her, gently crying in gratitude and sorrow in our last physical moments together, and feeling immense gratitude for the last gifts she was imparting to me. And when I struggled with how I would know it was time to let Peanut go, Kristen once again imparted the wisdom Peanut was teaching me about surrender, intuition, love, gratitude, and empowerment. In the end, Kristen helped me see that Peanut was teaching me both about the impermanence of life here on Earth and the infinite truth of our existence, that love trumps all, and that once we tap into the immense field of love, love showers us to infinite depths. Thank you Kristen for helping me to hear and see Peanut’s wisdom, to opening the doors to a higher truth I needed to experience to know. Since her passing, Peanut continues to remind me that her infinite loving presence is always with me, and as the days pass our love deepens in a way that I never even thought possible.


— Susan Kerr, Spiritual Coach/Medium Healer — North Haledon, New Jersey

Kristen Houser, Fauna Speak, is the mentor who has facilitated the most profound and remarkable change in me, and I have had many mentors through the years. This is very significant. She is a true Starseed who possesses highly advanced abilities and skills. Working within the worlds seen and unseen, she is a miraculous healer, sage, luminary and channel. Kristen inspires her clients to step into ALL that they are. She teaches them how to clear away any fear and doubt and replace it with inspiration, motivation and a sense of ease and confidence. She is gentle and considerate with her clients. Kristen is able to open up dormant gifts within you and expand the gifts you are already aware of. Working with Kristen has profoundly changed my life and, if you gift yourself by working with her, she WILL change yours



The whale and dolphin healing was lovely. Not only did we get to do our own journeys with our cetacean friends and share with the group, but Kristen led a beautiful channelling and dolphin healing. I felt the magic of the dolphin healing for a solid day after, and have been able to tap into their healing magic on my own. I've even gone back to the messages from the channeling several times, and continually find deep connection with them. I am so grateful to Kristen for showing us how the wisdom and healing gifts of these beautiful animals is at our “psychic” fingertips. I truly have a newfound love for these magical animals. Thank you! 


— Sarah R., Intuitive Chronic illness and Nutrition COACH — TUCSON, AZ

I'm so grateful that I've been a part of every Whale & Dolphin Healing Circle since the circle's inception! Kristen radiates a supportive softness & groundedness throughout the whole group while channeling powerful messages from the cetacean family & any other animals that come through. Strangers or friends; everyone feels like soul family in this group! This circle is a great place to start if you're interested in connecting more deeply with the animal kingdom and your own heart.



Connecting with Kristen was really humbling to my spirit. Being able to share and empathize with her on my human and animal experiences truly helped me gain perspectives that are going to benefit my being. It really is incredible to connect with someone who can understand the spectrum of life and consciousness openly and simply. In a world where we are surrounded by ego, Kristen brings nothing but unconditional love and compassion with her words of endearment and strength! Not to mention words of kindness with everything, including my dog, Charlie, who passed and is very much with me always.


My name is Allan Laureano, I grew up in Brazil and left the country when I was 30 years old. I grew up around of a lot of violence and have a lot of family trauma from my own experiences and my ancestors’ experience.

One of the biggest trumas in my life happened when I was 19, my dad was murdered by gun shot when working as a taxi driver.

Kristen was able to help me to release my dad's death trauma which I had held for years. I also would like to mention that when that happened Kristen barely knew me and had no idea about my trauma.

Mostly recently I had an episode where I was almost taken over by what I felt like to be a dark force that I have known for generations. I was feeling lost, didn't know what to do and decided to contact Kristen. I will never know if it was the talk, the dazzling look that comes out of her eyes or pure magic. All I know is that she helped me to go through it and I felt empowered and no longer lost. Words are not enough to say how thankful I am for knowing her.



— steph Catrambone, organic farmer — lambertville, NEW jersey

Kristen gave me a heart centered and life affirming reading for me and my newly adopted cat, Chia. She truly has the gift of knowing animals and their spirits without having met them. She’s not only extremely easy to talk to, she has a way of explaining deeply personal and psychic themes in an eloquent way, in which I then feel I can apply to my life and my relationship to my cat. She has such a comforting presence and her soul passion for this work shines through! Get a reading with her!


— MARIANNE Croy, Holistic health coach — oro valley, arizona

Thank you so much for exploring the relationship between our greyhound, Lincoln, and my son. It was so helpful to have my intuitive knowing confirmed, and the detail that you added was rich and illuminating. Your unique ability to connect with animals (and people!) on a soul level is such a gift! The reassurance you gave me about Lincoln's inevitable departure has been incredibly comforting and even liberating. I feel so fortunate to have access to the brilliant, beautiful, and highly evolved human that you are to help understand that which is beyond the three dimensional plane of existence. I am so grateful to you and look forward to working with you again!


Kristen Houser was referred to me by a good friend. There had been a terrible dog fight on my ranch. Three dogs against one with over $1,000 in damages to the one, unfortunate dog. I was heartbroken. I had rescued puppies who, for no apparent reason, turned vicious and dangerous.

Kristen talked to me in a serious, but also confident and joyous way, which I needed. I sent her pictures of all six dogs and she identified every single dog perfectly. Including the fact that one was an instigator and one would 'black out' while he 'mauled' the victim dog.

She offered solutions as well as which dog could be trusted and which couldn't and why.

I would absolutely recommend Kristen to anyone at anytime. The information came effortlessly and accurately. We need more communicators like her.


Kristen Houser is an exceptionally gifted empath who is dedicated to bridging the gap between human and animal communication. She was able to intuit both of my cat’s current feelings and concerns through a simple photograph, and it has completely changed the way I relate to them. Through small requests from my female cat communicating she wanted a specific food, and larger requests of my male cat communicating that he needed understanding from me pertaining to the healing he is providing the world, my reading with Kristen has changed my relationships with them for the greater good. I have a better understanding of their needs and desires both of me, and from their experience here on earth. I would highly recommend Kristen if you are looking to strengthen and enhance your relationship with the animals surrounding you.


I was worried my cat Fifi was physically in pain and that she was unhappy. 

Since chatting with Kristen she seems content and happy. I think her chatting with her made her feel peaceful. She knows I love her. She even seems to tolerate Bella the Beagle more now. They just sniff each other instead of hiss and scratch. ”



Kristen is a wonderful soul who shares her amazing gift with others. I learned so much in just the short time she spent with us. I learned how to communicate with my cat how long we'd be away if we went out of town. I learned that my cat actually enjoys traveling with us sometimes too. I am so grateful Kristen shared her gift with us. I highly recommend her as your animal communicator!



Kristen is just an amazing person. She possesses the unique gift of animal communication that I have witnessed first hand. One close to my heart was a family member with a toddler and an adopted dog that suffered from anxiety. Kristen was able to quickly pick up the dynamics and assess the situation through just a photo. She is delightful and honors the interests of both parties involved. I highly recommend her…highly.


— REBECCA KATZ, Center for interfaith relations — LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 

Kristen's gifts deeply supported my relationship with my furry companion, my cat Asparagus (Gus), during a recent traumatic health journey.  Little Gus developed an infection in her eye, and the eye had to be removed.  Kristen was able to relay messages between us so that I fully understood Gus' pain and demeanor, and could make the best medical decisions for her with as much consent from her as possible.  If you're reading this, you probably already know how sensitive cats are to energy.  The knowledge and information Kristen provided calmed both Gus and me, so that Gus could eventually heal in a peaceful environment.  Gus and I are very grateful for Kristen's support and guidance.



Kristen was able to connect with my dog Daryl and give me insight on how he is adjusting to life with a new family member, my daughter. She was able to let me to know that Daryl is a happy, easy going puppy even though he's currently ten. And he enjoys going to the farm and being with the family as much as possible. Daryl is a Papillon which isn't necessarily by standards a farm dog, but for his personality and his life he wants to be at the farm. So we are making sure to spend a lot more time at the farm and get him more of the little red treats he gets on special occasions so that he knows that he is loved as he should be. It was such a comfort to hear that even though he is not your typical farm dog he really does love to be out in the country and be one with nature like the rest of his human family members. Darryl chose me seven years ago as a rescue puppy and it makes even more sense why now because he needed someone who was as grounded in nature as he is.



An hour with Kristen was my Mothers Day present! Both my chihuahua's were drawn to her as soon as she walked into my home. She truly is an animal intuitive. 

I learned that Tink (my rescued male) just wants to stay home, play and cuddle. He had a nasty habit of over-zealous licking, which Kristen communicated to him that it bothered me, and he has not done it since our session!

Bell, my female, is the queen. She rules over Tink but Kristen explained that she has grown to love him and appreciates his company when we are away. Also, Bell loves riding in the car and so I will take her but leave Tink at home. That's the way my pups want it! Thank you, Kristen



Through an amazing cat kingdom dream synchronicity, psychic animal communicator, Fauna Speak showed up in my life this week. Kristen read for me tonight and provided tremendously accurate and beautiful guidance about my personal life, career path, and spiritual life. I've never felt closer to my animals! She validated so many telepathic messages I've gotten from them myself, explained some behaviors my service dog has that I didn't understand, and knew details about my pets' personalities and even favorite foods that she had no way of knowing otherwise. I'm so grateful that she passed along messages from my pets and strongly recommend her services whether you have a pet or not. She does intuitive readings, too. Kristen is so gifted and easy to talk to. I feel so blessed to have been put in the right place at the right time to find her out here in the vast sea of the internet. Her messages resonated so strongly with me that I've been in happy & relieved tears since I got off the phone. My guides told me in a dream the other day that they are here to help me become an animal communicator and this reading brought up so many details of my past that validated everything. Thank you, Fauna Speak, you are a gift! I'm so happy to have the opportunity to learn from you & so happy that you are helping bridge the communication gap between humans and all the wonderful healing beings we share our planet with. Tonight blew my mind.



You were right - I can tell that Tobacco and I are more connected after our reading. I’m working on practicing sending him mental pictures and when I got to the barn today, I sent him an image of his little grain bucket and told him it was waiting for him. When I got to the paddock he walked over to me for the first time since we’ve been at this new place and it feels like we’re communicating in general on a deeper level than we were before. Super cool!


I want to follow up after our session the other day. Shanile seems to have picked up some renewed energy, and I have been using the techniques you recommended, such as acknowledging his story. 

Today I told all the other barn babies about poor Shanile living in a stall with a pit in the middle of it and going for days without food and water and eating the cobwebs on the ceiling. 

Thank you so much for your assistance in making our dear Shanile happy.